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Why won’t my a avic web?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Cecil, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Cecil

    Cecil Arachnopeon Active Member

    I got my a avic 2 or 3 months ago. She didn’t web at first but after putting a half corkbark round in, she webbed the side of the bark to the side of the enclosure. Unfortunately I had to destroy her web to get a mealworm that burrowed underneath the webbing. She hasn’t webbed since. I did rehouse her about a week ago into a taller enclosure and put in more anchor points and but she still isn’t webbing. Does anyone know why? I included a pic of her new enclosure.

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  2. Dannica

    Dannica Arachnosquire

    Many avics don’t web much until they’re approaching a molt.
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  3. DanJ

    DanJ Arachnopeon Active Member

    From what I've read Avics tend to love clutter at the top and will actively web the top. Ideally Avics are best suited to front opening enclosures for that reason as it will web up the top eventually and you'll just destroy its web every time you open the lid.

    I dont own any Avics I'm sure someone will chip in with some better enclosure ideas that will let your avic go crazy.
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  4. Andrew Clayton

    Andrew Clayton Arachnobaron Active Member

    You’re enclosure isn’t really ideal for an avic as they tend to stay up top and make a web tunnel to live in but you’re lid would destroy this as you open it I’d look into getting something that opens from the front
  5. ghostly

    ghostly Arachnopeon Active Member

    My first T of the Avic/Caribena/etc. variety was a C. versi, and when I transferred it from its sling to its adult enclosure it didn't web at all for two solid months. Some really don't start before they go into premolt. If it's eating and just sitting on the corkbark or the walls of the enclosure (not hunched up and distressed in a corner or on the ground) I would say give it a few more weeks, it's probably fine.
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  6. Cecil

    Cecil Arachnopeon Active Member

    I was trying to avoid those types of enclosures because I don’t want her bolting out the front door, they usually circle the enclosure when bolting and don’t usually go up, and I like to be able to do my feedings and other maintenance from the top without getting in her way or vice versa. If she does start to web the top and I do have to destroy her web to open it, I’ll consider getting a front opening door.
  7. DanJ

    DanJ Arachnopeon Active Member

    Avics are really the only T that will bolt upwards instinctively USUALLY. All other Ts tend to bolt for their hide.

    You are 100% in her way now as more than likely she would want to be webbing the top, they are the only true Arboreal T who tend to live in their tube web high up in the leaves up in the treetops.

    Avics rarely come down to ground level once they are comfortable and have made their tube web up in the foilage. She will eventually make a web up at the top corner of the enclosure, that's when you want to worry about her bolting straight out the top. Honestly, side opening enclosures are usually a must for Avics and plenty of clutter at the top.
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  8. Andrew Clayton

    Andrew Clayton Arachnobaron Active Member

    @The Grym Reaper has a god one with the clutter at the back where the T has made its home. Avics will tend just to retreat to there hide if there out when you open the doors and without opening a lid on it you’re not disturbing the T as much so then in turn you will have a calmer T when doing Maintenance just a thought but
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  9. EtienneN

    EtienneN Arachnonovelist-musician-artist Arachnosupporter

    Avics, housed properly, really aren't bolty at all. Unless, something else happens to scare them, of course. One thing you can do before opening your front door enclosure would be gently tapping the side where the spider is so that it feels the vibration and settles into its favourite hiding spot. That way, it hunkers down before you open the door.
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  10. Cecil

    Cecil Arachnopeon Active Member

    I got my information from Toms Big Spiders and now that I’m thinking about it he was probably referring to pokies and faster and more skittish aboreals. My a avic doesn’t really bolt much at all, at most she tenses up if I accidentally bump the enclosure when opening it. She’s probably be fine. But I would have to replace the mesh screen of the exoterra or whatever it’s called lmao

    There’s so much conflicting information about Ts out there :’-((((( I don’t even know what to believe lmao. But I’ll keep an eye on that and see where she bolts. Thanks!
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  11. My avic webbed some within hours with each re-housing (as avic grew) and adult enclosure looked like cotton candy floss machine. ymmv

    You can also use an inverted container for an avic -- that way you never disturb the top and can do maintenance from the bottom. My avic wasn't a bolter, more a shy stress curler if upset when I bothered enclosure (but usually not particularly bothered, just stayed up-top).

    My avic only came to bottom of enclosure to drink water. In general, an avic hanging out in bottom of enclosure is stressed and needs conditions changed... or sickly [or both].
  12. Andrew Clayton

    Andrew Clayton Arachnobaron Active Member

    Avics and ex avics are true arboreal and live up in the leaves where as most Asian arboreal live in holes in trees and such lower to the ground that’s where the round and flat cork bark comes in
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  13. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnoreaper Arachnosupporter

    I had 2 C. versicolor in pretty much identical setups and they both webbed up at the back end, pic below is the female's effort, the male webbed up the top right corner behind the plant.
    Avicularinae setup.jpg
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  14. Cecil

    Cecil Arachnopeon Active Member

    I normally see her chilling on the top sides on the glass and now plastic, but the last couple days she does sometimes retreat into the corner and she squishes up :( should I add more anchor points? If she webs the top I’m def gonna switch to the kind that has the front opening door

    So what kind of anchor points would you recommend? How many, what type, how to set up?
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  15. Andrew Clayton

    Andrew Clayton Arachnobaron Active Member

    Using an enclosure that has front open doors simply glue fake leaves to the top at the rear that way it will make a retreat there
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  16. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Geez, where do I start. Keep in mind, that I actually do keep lots of avics....fwiw

    As Dannica said, typically adults or even larger juvies don't web much until before molting. Its webbing practices are really of no concern from a keeper standpoint....they do it when they do it.

    Now the enclosure...your enclosure type is just fine...there is absolutely positively nothing wrong with top opening enclosures, they are no better or worse enclosures for avics than front opening ones...its keeper preference...I much prefer top opening enclosures....my Avics do just fine and its never shown to be an issue...in fact, top opening makes pairing them super easy.

    Your enclosure is actually just fine, it just needs alterations. Use wider wood that takes up more space....bigger, wider pieces allow the t to stretch out as well as have a firm hunting platform. Then, like you did, surround the tops with the plants....but I tend to prefer bushier plants than the ones you used...just more anchor points.

    Here's an example of a good Avic set up using a top opening sterilite tub....Notice how much less empty space I have, despite basically using similar items.
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  17. Dannica

    Dannica Arachnosquire

    I keep my avics to similar to how @cold blood keeps his. Mostly because I stole the idea from him (that’s actually my girl in that photo when she went on a field trip to his house), and it’s worked out just fine. She webbed a thick funnel to molt in, then tore it down and ditched it on the ground. There’s nothing wrong with top opening enclosures, add more clutter similar to the photo above and you should be dandy.
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  18. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    There’s little conflicting Avic info HERE.
  19. Danezoo41

    Danezoo41 Arachnopeon

    I have watched a lot of Tom Morans videos and he likes top opening enclosures because he prefers to work from the top. I don't think it is a species thing. I could be wrong though.
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