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Right Scorpion?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Pilotoloto, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Pilotoloto

    Pilotoloto Arachnopeon

    I just got my first scorpion a few weeks ago, and I can already tell I'm going to need more. Can anyone recommend a species that 1: will do well at room temp (71-74 F during the day, a little lower at night) and 2: doesn't need a lot of space (Will do fine in a large critter keeper on my desk)? I really like Centruroides Gracilis, but I'm not sure what the care is like.
  2. ArachnoDrew

    ArachnoDrew Arachnoprince Arachnosupporter

    Centruroides gracilis are cool. They do well communally and reproduce rather quickly if kept humid with lots of vertical bark. You will have a lot more succrss with most scorps if you csn get your temps at least into the low 80s. Centruroides vittatus is also a good one.. uroplectes sp would be amazing little display critters on a desk. In an acrylic clear enclosure they're tiny. Bright and colorful... tityus sp are also very cool. Colorful and arboreal. But have potent venom .
  3. Pilotoloto

    Pilotoloto Arachnopeon

    We're not really supposed to have anything alive in our dorms (lol), so I've been holding off on heating equipment if possible. But I do have a small heating pad (originally for kombucha) that I've been using for my mantis ooths, so after they hatch, I could use it for scorpions. As far as the venom potency, the highest I think I want to go is a centruroides, do you know what would be the best range of temps to keep them at?
  4. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX Arachnoemperor Active Member

    My point is... that's worth the risk? I mean, don't get me wrong, uh. I'm not judging you at all :) just that this is a thing I keep wondering about (here in Italy things are different, after all) and it's not the first time that inverts & dorms are mentioned, in this site.
  5. Pilotoloto

    Pilotoloto Arachnopeon

    Yeah, I understand. I do think it would be worth it, especially because we don't get inspected that often and I doubt my RA would really care. If I can't take care of an animal the right way, I'd rather not get it in the first place, so I just wanted to see if there was anything I could keep with a minimum of extra stuff. But if absolutely necessary, I would get whatever I needed.
  6. Your chilean dwarf so far is the best bet. Otherwise see if you can find a Chinese Gold (mesobuthus sp.) They are also small and dont seem to mind cooler temps. The centruroides are also fun but HOT usually.
  7. Pilotoloto

    Pilotoloto Arachnopeon

    So what would the best temperature for the Centruroides?
  8. I guess it depends... Centruroides hentzi are found all over the US southwest in areas that get near freezing or do freeze... scuplturatus are hot desert species... and gracilis are introduced into florida but native to tropical central america... i have all 3 species living in the same room... 75-79. I mist the hentzi and gracilis regularly but hold back on my sculpturatus.
  9. Pilotoloto

    Pilotoloto Arachnopeon

    Cool, then I can definitely get hot enough for gracilis or hentzi. Do you have a recommendation out of the two of them? what are their temperaments like?
  10. Temperaments are the same. They WILL tag you. Also keep cage decor low enough where they cant reach the top. I use Tom Clear Vue cages (amazon)... they are discontinued so buy some NOW before they are gone. Size medium. I use several broken clay flower pots and cork bark as hides. Hentzi can take more extreme variables with humidity and temps. LLL has some still. Go for it! Stay AWAY from the arizonas (sculpturatus) for now... too hot! Remember the mesobuthus "chinese gold" is a good choice still! Harder to find.
  11. Pilotoloto

    Pilotoloto Arachnopeon

    Totally, Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
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