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p irminia question

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by stewstew8282, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. stewstew8282

    stewstew8282 Arachnoknight

    So I recently rehoused my juvie p irminia (7/17) and since then he has dug a hole, made a cave and blocked himself off completely. I can see him from the back of his enclosure and he is moving sometimes, but I was wondering, if it is in premolt, at a size of abt 2', how long should premolt last? Just a little backround info: t was purchased at reptile expo 5/15, molted on or abt 6/15, and is "powrfed" once daily, occasionally skipping a day if prey isn't consumed within a few hours. I'm keeping the sub nice and moist (not soggy damp) and I haven't yet put a water dish in because of its dissapearing act. Lastly, the day he was moved and in its new enclosure he did voraceously(sp) devour its cricket dinner like always. (Last day fed)

    Is there anything eslse that I can do to make my t more comfortable so a) it comes out of its sealed off cave and acts like a arboreal :p or b) finishes up molting and then comes out of its hole and acts like a arboreal.

    I should also say that from what I can see now, and from what was observed 7/17 its coloration was more grey than black esp on the opisthosoma.

  2. Drakk

    Drakk Arachnosquire

    Alot of folks on here know more than i do about these but ive raised one and id say the reclusive behavior is quite normal.
    Possibly in premolt but don't be surprised if it keeps behavior like that up....mine closes off its den most of the time.
    When it was smaller mine seemed to like a subterranean den...once it got a bit bigger it went for a cork bark/underground den of its own design despite numerous attempts to make a "perfect" home for it on my part.
    Gl with your Tiger.
  3. Shimotsukin

    Shimotsukin Arachnopeon

    It could be that it waits till night when it's all dark till it opens up the entrance of the burrow to either wait for food to pass by or wander around for it, I've had some Ts do this before. But of course this is only assuming you don't keep it's enclosure in a completely dark place throughout the entire day.
  4. Hobo

    Hobo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Staff Member

    It sounds perfectly normal to me. That's just how they are. They might not even grow out of it too, as my female still likes to dig in a bit.
    I like to think of them like arboreal pet holes.

    That said, I've always found they cover up for a molt, or if they are full, and start to come out when they are ready to eat again. Sometimes they just cover up during the day too, only to tear it open at night. So all you have to do is keep it hydrated, and wait for it to come out again.
  5. MrEMojo

    MrEMojo Arachnosquire

    Thats typical of this species. Although you won't see it often, the web/substrate caverns they create are awsome!
    They will actually sandwich a layer of substrate in between two layers of silk creating thick sturdy walls.
    Very cool species!
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2011
  6. stnick80

    stnick80 Arachnosquire

    I concur with what the previous posters have said. They will dig some elaborate burrows and you will rarely see anything but their feet unless its feeding time.
  7. stewstew8282

    stewstew8282 Arachnoknight

    thx 4 the responses guys, guess its a good thing more T's are en route so ill have other Ts to entertain me:p
  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Arachnoknight

    The reclusive behavior, super nice cave design and nocturnal creeping for food is the mainstay of a P. irminia life and mine is no exception. :)
  9. stewstew8282

    stewstew8282 Arachnoknight

    So should I wait to see the burrow opened back up to offer food? Or throw one inthere and see if it gets eaten, my only concern is if it is in premolt I don't want the crix to harass the t
  10. GForce14063

    GForce14063 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    You said more grey sound like you just might have a male if by chance that is the case I am looking for a male myself we can work out something if that is the case.
  11. stewstew8282

    stewstew8282 Arachnoknight

    i dont think he's anywhere near mature if he is a male (last molt T's legs had orange "wristbands", now it is very faint/not really there anymore)-->idk if that means he's almost mature enough to breed, but ill keep you posted, pm me if anything, and we'll see.

    damnit i hope its not a male, i was hoping to have my 1st T for more than just a few years 8(
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2011
  12. stewstew8282

    stewstew8282 Arachnoknight

    so my T finally molted beginning of this month, and since i posted pics of my p metallica, i didnt want my irminia to get jealous 8p

    its spinnerets are huuge..is this mormal..lol?



    pic from evil kinevil all hole'd up during molt
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2011
  13. Drakk

    Drakk Arachnosquire

    Thats an awesome spider :)
  14. Looks like it's just giving it's spinnerets a good, after-the-molt stretch. If you watch tarantulas closely not long after a molt, they will stretch and contort their appentages in weird ways to take advantage of the small gap their exoskeleton will be flexible. Trying to put on as much size after the molt as possible. I love watching my L.violaceopes do that after her molt. The silk against the plastic cage is getting pretty thick now, but I could still see her strangely shaped silouette positions. She'll have like two front legs on one side fully stretched out of her hide and have like two more slightly curled. She practicing for gymnastics? X-D

    Let me know if you'd be interested in buying any more P.irminia slings, stew. I recently got a bunch from a 50/50 deal and you're VERY close to where I live. ;-)
  15. phily1579

    phily1579 Arachnopeon

    I agree with everyone else. Thats perfect behavior for an irminia. Although i dont buy psalmapouis anymore bc mine died of unknown causes. Give her a lil time. She prob in premolt. See if she comes out. If she does. Thst usually an indicator that its looking for food. My p. Regalis is "8 she didnt eat for 3months. ;) now 2 weeks after ber initial molt she resdy to feed. :)