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Need help with captured tropical spider.

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by kendoka, May 14, 2011.

  1. kendoka

    kendoka Arachnopeon

    I captured a spider in my house.

    I was hoping someone could ID it since I don't know much about spiders. It's body is about half an inch long and its leg span is about 3 inches. Also, I was hoping if you could tell me if it's dangerous.

    It was captured in puerto rico and my neighborhood is surrounded by swamps so it might have come from there.

    I think it was injured while I was capturing it. I was wondering if it was possible to care for it until it healed. I don't want to kill it. I'd prefer to release it but in it's present condition I don't think it'll last long. I was wondering if they eat dead crickets or if they had to be alive.

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. Not dangerous...it's Heteropoda venatoria, a huntsman spider. It'll eat crickets and other live insects. If you are going to keep it, give it a vertical enclosure with things to climb on & access to water(or misting). It'll do just as well in your house, happily hunting roaches and other home invaders.
  3. kendoka

    kendoka Arachnopeon

    Thanks. I gave it some water but it's not drinking. And also will they eat ticks or ants? I haven't had any luck finding crickets in my backyard.
  4. Their favorite prey are roaches. :D

  5. PhobeToPhile

    PhobeToPhile Arachnoknight

    Puerto Rico eh? My mother's side of the family comes from there :). Anyways, maybe you could just buy a few at the local pet store?
  6. kendoka

    kendoka Arachnopeon

    As for roaches, they're my one irrational phobia. I'm not afraid of spiders or snakes or other insects, but roaches I can't stand them.

    Crickets are ok though. I have plenty in my backyard I hear the annoying bastards every night. I just haven't been able to find any I've been checking under rocks and all I find are ants and the occasional centipede, and loads of snails. I also find small spiders, can it eat those?

    Phobetophile, we're probably related. I meet new second and third cousins all time, seriously I must have over a hundred second cousins alone. My great-great grandparents didn't have anything better to do.
  7. Try collecting moths after the sun goes down or set a pitfall trap:


    Don't worry about the materials shown...any cylindrical container with open top/closed bottom will work. A carrot or piece of fruit placed in the bottom will lure crickets. A net during the day is usefull, too.
  8. Kruggar

    Kruggar Arachnobaron

    No ants, they can do some serious damage to any sized spider.
  9. buthus

    buthus Arachnoprince

    Looks like a male dying of old age. ;) :?
  10. kendoka

    kendoka Arachnopeon

    In case anyone was wondering I fed him a moth, he ate it during the night, and then I let him go the next morning.