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Heterometrus spinifer commmunal housing

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Mixed Dinner, May 17, 2017.

  1. Mixed Dinner

    Mixed Dinner Arachnopeon

    When housing multiple Asian forest scorpions do they have to be raised together as siblings or
    can any two or three different scorpions just be housed together? I understand they have to
    be close to the same size or they will fight but am wondering if they can be bought separately
    or whatnot? If this has been asked and answered before or is fairly obvious please excuse me
    as I am fairly new to the hobby!

  2. soldierof4cheese

    soldierof4cheese Arachnoknight

    I have two male AFS that I have housed together in a 55 gallon tank and had no problems. They like to have their own place to hide, so have one hide out per scorpion at least.
    I have since moved the two male AFS into their own 10 gallon tanks, I had to make room for two female African flat rock scorpions (hadogenes troglodyte) and that species CANNOT be housed together for anyone reading this and have thoughts about it, even having them housed in a 55 gallon long tank with their own hides, they will still hunt each other and fight. Luckily mine didn't kill each other, I split them up before that happened.
    The AFS scorpions got along fine, not sure about having juvi's in the same tank with the adults, I wouldn't do it. I had no problems with the Emperors i housed together, even left the young ones in the same tank. Hope this helps.
  3. Mixed Dinner

    Mixed Dinner Arachnopeon

    So if you were to separate them for awhile and put them back into one enclosure
    would they fight? I am wondering because I would like to only buy 1 scorpion for
    now and if I bought another in the future I'd like to house them together.

    Thanks for the reply