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Heat mat question

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by jaycied, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. jaycied

    jaycied Arachnoknight Active Member

    Don't yell at me yet! I know heat mats are part of the three big NOs (heat mats, handling, hybrids). I just wanted to get an idea of what you thought for how I use mine. I have a medium critter keeper in which I have my slings in hot wheels display cases. Everyone gets rotated at least once daily and I'm constantly monitoring the temp on the inside of the keeper. This way I can also boost the metabolisms of my slower growers. Is this an acceptable use for a heat pad or nah?
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  2. johnny quango

    johnny quango Arachnoknight

    I still wouldn't risk it slings die very quickly compared to their adult counterparts. I think @cold blood uses a sort of bath with warm water to keep extra temperature during winter so maybe bend his ear. If I want to I guess force grow my slings so to speak I just up the temp.in the whole room and then up the feeds, but mostly I just let them grow at their own pace
  3. 14pokies

    14pokies Arachnoprince Active Member

    I would be worried that the heat mat would melt the kritter keeper..

    Although running heat tape/heat mats is generally an inefficient way of heating Ts as long as they are a few inches away from the T and the Ts actual enclosure doesn't get above 80 or so I don't see the problem with them.. For a large collection it's extremely inefficient but for a few slings It's more efficient than usinag a space heater.. IMO..
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  4. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoking Active Member

    be very very careful with keeping them hydrated. i wouldnt be surprised if one could die even in a humid cage with a heat mat near it..
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  5. spidertherapy78

    spidertherapy78 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Reading about how the heating pads can malfunction and get way too hot - seems not worth it. I use a space heater and it seems fine.
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  6. Red Eunice

    Red Eunice Arachnolord Active Member

    Seeing that you're rotating their enclosures and monitoring the temperature, you're doing well.
    The method CB uses is an aquarium heater placed inside a waterfilled container. Works well and consumes little energy to operate.
    You didn't state the maker of the heat mat you're using, so I can't comment on the quality. That being said, I've a few enclosures and a heated cabinet using Flexwatt. A 4"X12" piece uses 4 watts of electricity and maximum temperature is in the 105-108°F range. This DOES require a thermostat for proper usage. It won't melt a kritter keeper, but may warp to some extent if left on 24/7, w/o a thermostat. Hence the need of a thermostat to control temperature.
    Photo of the heated cabinet I built to keep slings and scorpions in the low 80° range. A 11"X48" Flexwatt mat controlled by a line voltage thermostat, plus a small fan for air circulation. This cabinet is overkill for your needs, but for those with a large specimen count of slings (100's) its nearly ideal.
    Cabinet 4-21.jpg
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  7. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Arachnoprince Active Member

    Personally, I would not use a heating pad just to speed up growth. It should be considered an option of last resort to keep your tarantulas from getting dangerously cold. If you have to use a heating pad, here are some safety tips.

    Note: The risk of desiccation is higher with slings, as they have yet to develop the waxy later on their exoskeleton that protects them from loss of moisture. You will need to check the water dish and substrate frequently to ensure adequate moisture.
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  8. cold blood

    cold blood ArachnoGod Active Member

    i used to use it....id need a swimming pool...its great if you only have a handful though....super economical and safe...no warm or cool spots, just gentle heat with evaporation surrounding the slings.

    you couldnt pay me to use a heat mat, especially for slings....to me rotating them doesnt make it any safer unless you are doing it like every 5-10 min...which is unrealistic.
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  9. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    Ha! the 3 NOs! my posts are catching on!
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  10. Dylan Bruce

    Dylan Bruce Arachnosquire

    Are you using a thermostat with the heat mat?
  11. Kendricks

    Kendricks Arachnosquire

    Yes. Meaning that unfortunately the "heat mats are bad!" myth will live on despite the fact that heat mats are perfectly fine.
    Using them the wrong way is the problem.

    It's like blaming a kitchen knife when you cut yourself with it.
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  12. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    That's not entirely true. Heat mats provide hotspots and do not turn up the ambient temperature. At least not significantly. Most tarantulas live in forested areas where sun does not heat the floor like the heat mat would stimulate. Heat mats are meant for lizards which do need belly heat.

    Secondly, tarantulas do just fine at room temperatures, so there is rarely a need to add a secondary heating source just for them. I understand some people who have trouble at keeping their room above 22°C, but they usually resort to space heaters which turn up the ambient temperature. Another thing is that the night temperatures drop significantly in the forests, not to mention the deserts. That would require you to turn the heat mat off and on every night and morning.

    Thirdly, heat mats are expensive, and if you want to use it safely, you need a thermostat, which is also not cheap. Also you cannot have multiple enclosures under same mat and thermostat, which makes your wallet go boom if you'd like to keep several Ts.

    Lastly, unless you want to risk the malfunction and a potential fire/injury/escape of the animal, youre almost obliged to use glass enclosures. Although I do prefer glass ones, that only adds up to the final cost of the husbandry.

    All in all, it's too expensive, potentially lethal/hazardous, not really useful, and almost always completely unnecessary.
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  13. Kendricks

    Kendricks Arachnosquire

    Who said temps need to be raised significantly?

    No one said to put the mat under the enclosure - as I said, the problem aren't heat mats, using them wrong with t's is.

    Deli cups are also not meant for raising t's, but do the job just fine. Heat mats do work, AFAIK, they're big in the UK.

    Exactly. Though just a minute ago you argued they don't raise temps significantly, implying that's expected of them. So what is it now?

    Yes, so?
    Doesn't render the use of heat mats a "no no", though - does it?

    Just like you gotta turn on/off every other heat source in use, big deal, really.
    How is that an argument!?
    Also, there are timeclocks - oh the wonders of modern technology...

    Though you're exaggerating the costs-issue in my opinion, this is partially true... but still no argument that supports the silly, eternal, still unfounded claim of "heat mats are hellspawn", sorry.

    You are literally complaining that you can't eat soup with a knife. You blame the heat mat for not doing things it wasn't designed for (replacing space heaters), that's just digging for issues - not constructive, though.

    You, again, paint it as black as possible only to support your initial claim, but ultimately, you describe how not to use heat mats - and then blame heat mats.

    Everything electronic can malfunction.

    In my country we have services that test and approve electronics, guaranteeing safety standards (that are indeed high!)

    Maybe don't buy the cheapest "made in China" crap no one checked, so no evil heat mat will magically malfunction - as if this would happen all the time... please.

    With a little cherry-picking and
    exaggerating potential issues while also implying using them wrong, sure.

    Heat mats sure aren't the best choice - but they can do the trick if used right and with common sense.

    A space heater can also kill your t, even your whole collection(!), if used wrongly by a moron. Is that the heaters fault though?

    So, as we can see, heat mats don't kill spiders - morons who use them wrong do.
    So let's blame the heat mats!

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  14. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    @Kendricks I won't even continue this argument, since your tactic of a conversation is ripping everything apart and looking for some deeper meaning. Are you a teacher btw? Who said anything about heat mats being horrible? They just aren't suitable for Ts, that's what we all are trying to say. Why on earth would I bash heat mats just because they are heat mats??

    Chill out mate.. Every post you go to you piss all over people for no reason. I see you're new here. You'll learn through numerous burn threads that it's easier to discourage the use of heat mats than to provide an instruction manual for them. But luckily we got you - the heat mat genious.
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  15. Rachel C

    Rachel C Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    I use a heat mat for my sling but not in the usual way. I replicated what Cycling Sam did on youtube. You don't place the heating pad on anything housing the babies, but on an object around them and then enclose the space. He uses a rubbermaid container. The heat mat sits on a drinking glass about 6 inches away from the animals then the entire setup is covered by a ventilated container. I've found that it raises the overall temp inside the container (since it is an enclosed space its easier) and doesnt dry out the slings environments because it only boosts the temp to around 80 in my little container, where the outside of it can get to around 60. I check the moisture inside her deli cup daily but its been working great so far and she successfully molted.
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  16. Rachel C

    Rachel C Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    This is a video explaining
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  17. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    What @Rachel C pointed out is a clever idea. I've seen this before in many different versions. And before I get shat on because I "bash" the use of heat mats, let me point out that that is not a conventional way of using it. I do a similar thing with my radiator during winter. Again - i'm against unregulated heat mats that are stuck to the enclosure itself. Apparently I have to be clearer next time.
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  18. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    Again, most people just find it easier to keep at room temp.. Most don't measure humidity as we rely on our knowledge and feeling when to add water and how much. Im not saying that it's useless to monitor the humidity and all.. Just that it can be avoided if you have discipline and knowledge of what the requirements of the T's you're keeping are. And for all my slings I would probably have to build a greenhouse if I wanted to have the humidity on record :D
  19. Kendricks

    Kendricks Arachnosquire

    My "tactic" (are we at war now?) is to address your claims carefully and thoroughly, so nothing gets lost in translation and no misunderstandings develop.
    If you think that's a bad thing, the joke is on you. Sorry.

    Also quite rich for someone who results to getting personal, avoiding the other sides arguments only because he had none/found his claims to be challenged.
    So much for "tactics".

    You did, you just happily noted how your "3 NO'S" are being noticed.
    Remind me, what were the other 2?

    "All"? Careful there, very slippery slope.
    And they are suitable. Thousands of keepers have proven this. You may chose to ignore what I said about the UK, but that won't render it untrue.

    I don't know - you tell me?

    This is where you cross a line!
    I will NOT stand by such accusations! If you check my profile and total posts, you'll see how much i really "piss on people" and unlike you, I deliver arguments based on facts and reason - without getting personal. You're the one escalating this, and you're the one who's not constructive!
    Address my arguments, not me!

    You'll learn through numerous burn threads that the WRONG use of heat mats are what's the issue, not the mats. Seriously, learn the difference, it matters!

    And instead of resulting to becoming more and more hostile and personal (while blaming me for "pissing on others"?) invest that energy in an argument for a change or leave it be!

    I'm not responsible for your drivel, so don't blame me for addressing your wrong and over the top claims, especially if you're unable to support them and just look to pick a fight.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
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  20. Rachel C

    Rachel C Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    Didn't know this topic would lead to WW3 did ya? ;)
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