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Feeder roaches infestation

Discussion in 'Insects, Other Invertebrates & Arthropods' started by LdLrLyChLd, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. LdLrLyChLd

    LdLrLyChLd Arachnosquire

    so I’ve been trying to hatch blatta lateralis for some time, finally it’s happening due to the high humidity and heat of Minneapolis summer (so freaking humid)
    But now I seem to find random roaches, everywhere. When I look for them, I can’t find them. When I’m cleaning though I find them here and there, in rooms surrounding the laundry room (where I keep them high on a shelf) below the shelf is recycling which I’ve found the most (maybe 5 over a few months) and today I just found 2 eggs in the recycling and I’m really starting to freak out lol
    How do I control this issue while still breeding my roaches in containers, and also keeping my cats safe? Any ideas on roach escape/infestation/control? I’d cry if I found a million babies one day lol. Thanks!
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  2. MetalMan2004

    MetalMan2004 Arachnobaron Active Member

    This is exactly what I’m worried about with starting a colony... not sure how to control it but I’d start with looking at how to better secure the roach’s enclosure.
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  3. LdLrLyChLd

    LdLrLyChLd Arachnosquire

    I spent so long on their damn enclosure that I’m being particularly stubborn on upgrading,, but you’re completely right.
    Wondering if on top of that there’s some sort of substance I can put on the floor of the laundry room that’s non toxic to cats?
  4. InvertAddiction

    InvertAddiction Arachnoknight

    Make sure you don't have any egg flats high enough to the vent holes (they can't climb smooth surfaces). I have combat paste along the bottom of the walls in different areas of my apartment, along with roach motels as a just in case any were to escape. I've been breeding my colony for a couple years now and have yet to find any in my apartment. I have 2 cats and they don't mess with the paste or the motels.
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  5. LdLrLyChLd

    LdLrLyChLd Arachnosquire

    I have one layer of toilet paper rolls and about 6 inches above that of slippery plastic. I’ve never seen any climb so I’m confused as to how the get out! I think I need a new enclosure that’s more tall than wide, so I’ll be hunting for that online. I will also look for roach motels too, that sounds like an awesome idea!
  6. InvertAddiction

    InvertAddiction Arachnoknight

    Did you make sure theres not any holes or cracks in the container they're currently in? Even for added piece of mind, if there aren't any holes.... you can put wide scotch tape or packaging tape (as long as its slick on the non sticky side) along the sides to prevent potential climbing and escapes.
  7. InvertAddiction

    InvertAddiction Arachnoknight

    I use the plastic storage totes. The one I use is clear with the lid that folds into itself. IMG_20180712_124505.jpg . I've never had any issues and the holes are placed around the top sides to allow plenty of ventilation. Normally I keep the lid fully closed, had it somewhat open to let you see the tote I was referencing to lol.
  8. LdLrLyChLd

    LdLrLyChLd Arachnosquire

    That’s a great enclosure! My problem is.. I have very limited space and a small colony, so I would love something like that but smaller. I’ll search online! And that tape is a really good idea... any idea how big that tub is?
  9. InvertAddiction

    InvertAddiction Arachnoknight

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  10. spookyvibes

    spookyvibes Arachnobaron Active Member

    You could use sticky traps or put something like food-grade (not filter-grade) diatomaceous earth on the floor... The DE is safe enough to eat, but cuts up the exoskeletons of inverts (also can be irritating to your skin if you have any cuts or anything on your hands, I’d use gloves just to be safe.) Just make sure you keep it far away from your roach colony or any other inverts you have. It’s a really fine powder, so trying to find a way to vacuum/sweep/mop it up without kicking a lot of dust up may prove to be difficult.
  11. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    To get individuals you see without using something that spreads and kills other things, Windex can work but you have to hit them directly. It just evaporates, doesn't leave much residue.
  12. Liquifin

    Liquifin Arachnolord Active Member

    I wouldn't worry about trying to breed a feeder roach population, at some point your going to have too much to deal with and your going to be in more paranoid/pain than ever. When starting a colony for me I had two things to worry about. ONE is keeping them in a escape-proof enclosure to prevent escaping. SECOND is getting traps prepared if one did escape. I've had about 2 or 3 successful escapes but only 1 was able to get away. But after the first escape (when I first started the T. hobby as a NOOB), that's when I recognized, "HOLY SH*T :eek: I LET MY GUARD DOWN, TIME TO UPGRADE FROM FEEDER ROACH ENCLOSURE TO ROACH PRISON :banghead:." Yea... from my experience if you want to make sure they don't get around, surround the feeder roach enclosure with traps or tape, that's the only way I can make sure 99% they don't get away. But when it comes to feeders i'm always skeptical about it, so that's why I stay 99% instead of 100% LOL :D. If you want to see my roach enclosure I can show you my normal "basic-proof feeder prison" that I set up normally for feeders, just ask.
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  13. LdLrLyChLd

    LdLrLyChLd Arachnosquire

    I would love to see your enclosure!!
  14. Lord Mort

    Lord Mort Arachnopeon

    Me too!