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DOA Haplopelma longipes

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by DamoK21, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. DamoK21

    DamoK21 Arachnosquire

    A very beautiful little girl, An amazing species, And a sad day.:8o

    Sp = Haplopelma

    Size = 1.5"

    I recived her about 30 mins ago (9:25 am, 23rd march 2010)
    i unpacked in exitement, and saw alot of blood. I unpacked her and she was barely alive, Her abdomen was ruptured so bad. So i picked her up and held her in comfort, She nipped me but i didnt care i new she was almost gone and wanted to hold her in comfort. I cupped my hand n she slowerly crawelled to a dark spot on my hand and passed away.

    She was also using her fangs to pull her self so i have a few holes in my hand and abit of pain in the first bite area were she bit me when i picked her up, But i refused to leave her stuck to tissue bledding to death. I wanted to help but there was nothing i could of done to help her.

    She died at 9:30 more or less

    R.I.P khan, love ya


    although having said she has passed the people i bought them from it was not there fault !!! the box was crushed but the packageing was good. There sending me a replacment and happy with that but sad iv lost khan.
  2. Spidercrazy

    Spidercrazy Arachnosquire

    srry for your loss, they are a beautiful species though :) i wish i had money i would get one.
  3. VESPidA

    VESPidA Arachnoknight

    that's awful:( so sorry for your loss