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C. Gracilis Popped/Popping!!!

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by R.W., Nov 20, 2011.

  1. R.W.

    R.W. Arachnosquire

    I get up this morning and walk into my invert room to find one of my C. gracilis females with about 5 or 6 dood looking little babies on her back! I am so excited I could explode. This is my first go around breeding scorpions and raising babies! hahaha I forget exactly how many babies to be expecting,though it seemed like 5 or 6 is a low number, so could there be more? Or might it just be a small brood? Either way, I'm super excited to finally get to experience this firsthand! It's a great feeling.

    One more question: Obviously I'm waiting till they're coming off her back before separating them to their own little deli-cups, but should I offer her food while they're still on her back?

    I will try to post pics as soon as I can! Stay tuned! :biggrin:
  2. Ludedor24

    Ludedor24 ArachnoKing Arachnosupporter

    Should have 20 or so but each case is not the same. I've heard reports of only 8... It would never hurt to put a prekilled prey because they pose no threat but I guess it would depend on the last time she ate... and if she is stressed or not . Congrats by the way!

    ps: Do you have any pics pre-pop?? I have a c grac. that keeps getting bigger not sure if she is pregnant or just getting fat haha
  3. R.W.

    R.W. Arachnosquire

    Thanks! I may try the pre-killed idea. She refused food for a couple weeks prior to giving birth. haha Unfortunately, I don't actually have any pre-pop pics. There was nothing really about her size that screamed "Hey! I'm pregnant!", she was JUST big enough to make me think "Hmmm...maybe" So I kept an I on her. Her small pre-pop size is one reason I think this might just be a small litter. And I have another female that is about the same size as this one was before popping, so i'll be watching her as well haha
  4. Congratulations!Your first brood is VERY exciting!And I love your signature.......if only the entire USA saw that firey subject like that!
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  5. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince

    I've never have had to give prekilled food. I(youcan)even take babies off as early as when they first hit 2i, although i usually wait for them to harden up. Never had any problems. Just dont separate before then!
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  6. Nomadinexile

    Nomadinexile Arachnoking

    Grom has it right. Congrats! Do you have length mesurement yet for mom and dad? If no, get them a week or two after seperation. ;)
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  7. brotony101

    brotony101 Arachnosquire

    Congratulations!!! As fast as my babies are growing up, I'll have them before I know what's happening or who the boyfriend was. ;) Keep us updated!
  8. Bayushi

    Bayushi Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I wish mine only had 20 when she popped. I must have given away and sold close to 30 2i slings and am still looking at 30 plus...