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Old Timer
Aug 12, 2002

I'm not sure if book sellers go in this category. . .if not, please remove.

In any case, I've bought books from http://www.zoobooksales.com on several occasions. Their service is fast and personable, shopping is easy, they have good prices (for both the books AND postage, plus they have sales often), and they get a variety of Theraphosid-related material in their stock on a regular basis.

I didn't think about them until this morning, when I wanted to compare Charpentier's Exothermae magazine to another person's writing. They were out of stock on the one I needed to replace (they still have the Poecilotheria one, though). Still, I did find something to order, and it's nice to know it'll be in my mailbox in a few days, and my wallet won't be as thin as it would if I got it elsewhere.

The only downside with them is the way their stock is indexed.
You might have to try several search terms when searching their catalog to see all your choices. They seem to have stuff indexed fairly well, but just typing "tarantula" or "theraphosid" might not get all the related results. Sometimes you've got to go with author's name or even the title of the book you want. Other times, I've found things in their stock by going to http://www.abebooks.com that didn't come up on their catalog despite a variety of search terms.
Still, that's a minor issue, and I definitely give them two thumbs up.