Z. Spinimana just laid her eggs. Advice on care after hatch


Jan 17, 2017
I've read a few threads about eggsacs, but still have some specific questions.

Currently, I have a large homemade plastic container with air holes the size of the tip of a toothpick, two small doors. Inside, a mature male (probably close to death) and a mother and her eggs enclosed by her webs attached to a corner. The male seems to go crazy when I used to take him out so I put him back in with her and he calms down. He has stopped eating completely, but she still eats.

My concern is how can I make the home comfortable for the babies when they hatch? What is my role in care for them, if the mother is still there for them. What do I feed them?

Also, should I leave the male in there? Can I take him out? Or does it not matter?

Thank you! Any advice is appreciated!


Old Timer
Nov 25, 2011
I'd take the male out just to be safe. Don't really need him stressing the female unnecessarily, especially if she's guarding a sac. The slings will need higher humidity to survive, so I would probably separate them from the mom once it looks like the sac is going to hatch. I don't know much about zoropsid maternal care, but I would assume they don't do anything once the sac hatches. You can probably feed them fruit flies and pinhead crickets. I would let the slings cannibalize a little bit first to weed out the weakest individuals and make their numbers more manageable for you.