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YouTube Channels of Arachnoboards

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by US Arachnids, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

  2. Bugmom

    Bugmom Arachnolord

    While we're on the topic of YouTube channels, here's a question for everyone:

    What do you like to see?

    Feeding videos? Long feeding videos or short feeding videos?

    Tutorials (how to build X, care of X species, etc.)?

    Do you like it when the person filming is talkative or do you just wanna get to the important tarantula business?

    What makes you continue watching a video vs clicking away from it?
  3. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    I'm a sucker for alsorts. I just likes what I likes.

    Prodding, live feeding rodents, "bug battle" esque, risky handling, showing off etc gets a dislike and instantly turned off.

    That said all the channels I sub to don't do any of the above.

    The focus should be on the animal but talking on videos is a plus for me. If I don't like the voice I can simply turn the volume down. So it's a win, win as I might like it.

    I'm not bothered one bit how professional or not a video is. Intro or no intro. Edits or no edits. Like I typed the animal(s) is the focus.

    One massive thing for me is music. Can't stand it 99.9% of the time. I often turn it straight off instead of muting it.
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  4. Bugmom

    Bugmom Arachnolord

    Same here.
    I'm the total opposite - I love music on videos, especially if it is done in a way that matches the "mood" of the video.
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  5. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    There are times when the music is really complimentary. But it's rare for me. There is a video on this very thread that had music and it was brilliant. Really fit well. Most of the time though it seems the music has just been added as an afterthought. Filler.
  6. Try this.

  7. MacDrachma

    MacDrachma Arachnopeon

    I like feeding, unpacking, and re-homing videos. Talking is preferred and music is usually not. I also like watching egg sac opening videos. I hope to start making my own here soon!
  8. I really like in-depth videos about the species; tutorials; etc. Anything really, especially if the person goes in depth. I'm planning on going more in depth with my videos as far as talking about the species I show but right now it's too much for me to do, so I just do what I do.
    Speaking of which, new video.

  10. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    My new video.

  11. MacDrachma

    MacDrachma Arachnopeon

    I went ahead and started making my own videos.

    Here is my first.
  12. So I was on YouTube and I ran into @14pokies channel. So I figured I'd create a thread where we can all share each others tarantula, invert and reptile channels.

    I haven't used my channel in years, but lately I have started to post more and more videos of my tarantulas and other inverts. On YouTube my channel is xthegrimm1x.

    Let's see those channels
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  13. Xafron

    Xafron Arachnosquire

    Nice E. Murinus. I want one. Lol

    Edit: I'm curious if those are a bit harder to come by, as so far I have not seen that many for sale. And the ones that are, are slings.
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  14. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    The dark den by @petkokc is very entertaining;)
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  15. creepa

    creepa Arachnoknight

    I realy dig the deadlytarantagirl's. channel...:rolleyes::troll::bag::banghead::angelic:
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  16. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoemperor Active Member

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  17. ledzeppelin

    ledzeppelin Arachnobaron

    if youre into thick british hilarious dialect and cheeky vocabulary try @basin79 :p
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  18. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    I wouldn't call it a channel, as that implies regular new content, but if I catch one of my tarantulas doing something interesting on video, I upload it here.
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  19. 14pokies

    14pokies Arachnoprince

    Toilet training a pinktoe:hilarious:... That has me cracking up! It's the best thing I have ever seen..
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