Yet another communal project.


Sep 15, 2004
Kinda different, though.
Right now I have four Araneus diadematus living in webs in my room. The colder the weather gets, the more I find them in my house, and the more I find in my house, the more end up in my room because my parents hate spiders, so they tell me to etiehr do something with them, or they'll kill 'em. So I'm setting up a few vining plants with really long vines (I've had 'em for years, haha) in different parts of the room, and fixing them so that the vines go across the ceiling. So the more I get my wonderful little 8-legged friends, I can just set them free in the plants and let them do whatever they want. I know they can live with each-other because, well, they do in my room, and outside the house we have a lot of them that have their webs right beside each-other.
I know all I need to do is keep it warm, and spray the leaves of the plants at least once a week. But I'm wondering, what would be a good way to feed them? I'm used to having a few webs, that I can just throw crickets into... if I get an uncountable amount of these spiders, I have no clue how to make sure they all get fed. One option would be to open my window and turn on my light at night, and hope that some moths will go for the light. The problem with this is, I live in a basement, so I don't know if they'd be willing to go toward the ground.
Anybody else dedicate their entire room to a communal project like this, or have I really completely lost it (as my parents seem to think)? Ah well, they're the ones letting me keep the spiders, so maybe they're the ones with the problem, haha. :rolleyes: