Yet another buggy christmas surprise.


Nov 2, 2013
I posted in the insects and other arthropods section some time ago an ID request of a hisser I got exatly one year ago in a bag of tobacco.
Well.. This christmas my yearly surprise gift got more legs... hopefully A LOT more legs.
I ordered some spiders from Denmark some weeks ago, namely 6 Cupiennius salei for my breeding project. The couple I got them from offered me an adult female Heteropoda venatoria and I desided to pick that also. Turns out they are more familiar with tarantulas than trues. They tried to use it for breeding but it ate her sac. Well.. they had no idea that unlike with Ts, trues tend to make multiple sacs per breeding.

That little bugger rolled me a sac the day before yesterday. I really hope she won't eat this one.

EDIT: Bad picture
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