Yes... Jumping Spiders *Can* Bite. XD

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Sep 18, 2017
Well, we own a dozen spiders (most of which are Ts), and what is the first one I get tagged by? My kid's P. Audax! She is one of the few we actually handle, she seems to enjoy it, and she has never given us a threat display.

Totally my fault. I was trying to transfer her to a new bigger setup, didn't look carefully at what she was up to so I didn't realize she was hunting. I thought she had eaten all her meals, but the cricket must have been hiding for a few days. I saw it just after I cupped her in my hand. She was not happy I interrupted her hunting session (totally anxious/hangry or whatever an excited jumping spider may be feeling after a stupid human kept her from her meal). I do not blame the her.

Being bit did not hurt at first (it was like being lightly pinched), but it is a little swollen, tingly, and stings—which is annoying as it's the inner joint of where my ring finger connects to my hand. I took some ibuprofen and that took care of the pain, but there is still a little redness (can't find the puncture marks though—that's how tiny her fangs are).

I'm going to be a lot more mindful about going into setups and when removing inverts (I always use a paintbrush/cup for transferring our Ts). I feel so bad this happened. Hopefully she can eat a little later.

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Aug 8, 2005
Honestly, what you described sounds typical of nearly all spider bites. Mild, slow onset, more annoying than anything else, and of course, the human set itself up for the chomp. A bee or wasp usually much more painful and most of the time more problematic (anaphylaxis).
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Dec 10, 2017
Well, we own a dozen spiders (most of which are Ts), and what is the first one I get tagged by? My kid's P. Audax!
Lol, you're not the only one to get bit by one of these. When I was a teen I was turning over logs and got bit on the finger by a premolt male that I didn't see. I remember it felt like a dull ache that went away quickly.


Oct 28, 2018
Was driving to work a few weeks ago and a tiny jumper was walking back and forth on the top inside of the windshield. My car pool dummy is deathly afraid of spiders, but she had yet to notice. As it made another pass to my end of the windshield, I nonchalantly raised my index finger and coolly placed it about half an inch in front of the little spiders path. It instantly jumped onto the pad of my finger and bit me! I expected that it would just crawl on my finger and I could roll down the window and set it free. Nope! Of course it startled me and the spider got away. It didn't hurt and the bite didn't break the skin, it was too tiny. Never saw it again but did notice fine webbing around the windshield frame for the next few days so I know it was still in the car.

The carpool dummy never noticed (she sleeps most of the time).


Mar 27, 2018
Yeah I've decided for the most part if a jumper bites me, I probably deserved it. I got bitten by 3 times in a row by a big female ( i can't remember the species) because I accidentally provoked her. the bite were a little less as bad as a mosquito bite. Still love jumpers to death though!