YES! But I might have messed up...


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Jun 23, 2007
So FINALLY the C.fasciatum couple paired up. After almost 2 hours of courtship and touchy feely, the male lifted the female up and plunged under her. It happened so quick. I had my head tilted and almost level to the floor trying to confirm an insertion, then I saw the female almost completely over the top of the male and then her fangs came out and she moved forward. I panicked and used tongs to seperate them. The female almost killed the male. She had her legs around him and I barely seperated them in time.

I think I screwed up by seperating them after only 5-10 seconds. What if I misread her body language and split them up before he even got to insert?

But I had a P.murinus pair do this same thing last year and the female ended up laying a sac, so that gives me a little sliver of hope.

From reading the breeding reports, I have learned that this species has a very short gestation (spelling?) period. In a lot of cases, the females dropped sacs just a month after being paired. So I will wait a month and if the female isnt any more plump than she is now, I will try to pair them again since the male is only 2 months old (roughly) and the female molted almost two months ago.

So Im really excited, but kicking myself at the same time.
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Oct 14, 2007
I would have done the same thing. It's better to get him out alive so you can pair them again than to have him munched and her never dropping a sac. Insertions happen so quickly sometimes. I wouldn't wait so long to pair them again, the male may only be 2 months old but males die prematurely often (our male H. mac died after only 3 months). I would let him build a sperm web, then try again. Just my opinion.

Good luck!