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Xtreme Reptiles (www.xtremereptiles.com)


Old Timer
Jan 2, 2003
Xtreme Reptiles


I ordered several tarantulas, some scorpions, and some millipedes from these guys.

Pricing - they have very competitive prices, quite honestly why I decided to make an order in the first place, even though no one had heard of them.

Selection - Their invertebrate section was limited; however, I would not hold that against them since they deal primarily in reptiles.

Product Description - Very vague and unclear. Most of the tarantulas were given not so common "common" names, and no scientific name was provided to aid in figuring out what something was.

The Staff - Although the staff seemed friendly, those that I talked to did not sound at all knowledgeable with the inverts they were selling. Furthermore, they didn't seem to know what they had in stock for sure at the time I ordered. Consequently, I did not receive everything that I ordered.

Speed - Very quick. I called in the morning on Wednesday, and my package had arrived by mid afternoon on Thursday.

Packaging - This is my biggest complaint. I lost 2 specimens due to the poor packing job. When the package arrived, I opened the box to find 3 lids off of the deli cups. The only thing keeping the inverts inside was the mass of newspaper over the top. The animals inside the cups were not padded in any way, with exception to the scorpions. I was lucky I opened the box in the bathroom, or I would have had inverts everywhere. Two animals arrived dead - one A. Seemanni with a ruptured abdomen (it died about 30 min after it got here), and 1 red clawed scorpion. The deli cups that the animals arrived in were quite dirty - one had an old molt still in the container, which had probably been there for a week or more.

Shipping - I found this to be a little bit high. I received 2 millis, 5 tarantulas, and 4 scorpions for a total shipping price of $39.00. I had expected something closer to $25-30.

The Animals - Other than the 2 DOAs, the specimens I received were all pretty nice. One thing to note, though, is that an "adult" for most tarantula species seems to be around 3" or so. The Curly hair and the Pinktoe had smaller abdomens, but they both looked pretty fresh from a molt. No complaints here.

Resolving My Problem - I had hoped that these guys would send me 2 specimens to replace the 2 I lost, but instead, they wanted to send them to me when I made my next order. I explained that I may not make another one, so they credited my credit card.

Overall - Although their prices are very good, I'm not sure I will be making another order from these guys. I hate to pay shipping on an animal that arrives DOA because it isn't packed well enough. No complaints about the specimens, though. They were all pretty nice.



Old Timer
Dec 6, 2003


I bought a T blondi from www.xtremereptiles.com on May 27 (excellent price BTW!). The package arrived promtly the very next day. It was packaged well and the T was in good condition. It looked abit under fed but overall, in great shape! I had emailed them about getting a large female. I also phoned them and asked if they knew which were female because I wanted a large female. They seemed certain they would send what I asked for. The T I received turned out to be a male. After contacting them about the situation, they sent an email stating to ship him back using their Fed Ex account to pay for shipping and they would send me a replacement/female. I also spoke with them on the phone about getting a female but I would like to have a photo of the underside before purchasing to which they said they can send me a photo of one they think is a female T. Since I'm already attached to the big boy, I may just get him a girlfriend. :D


Old Timer
Aug 3, 2003

Xtreme Reptiles has quite possibly the best pricing I have ever seen on animals of such quality. I ordered from them about 15 frogs, and a few scorpions a gecko, and three snakes.

The animals arrived right when they were supposed to.

Their packing leaves something to be desired. The scorpions were packed in deli cups with no padding, and all the deli cups included had noting seperating them or preventing them from bursting open. This resulted in one very dried out emperor scorpion due to no moss/moist paper towel in his deli cup.

Also, a painted mantella I ordered was not included as it was out of stock. Their pricelist fluctuates frequently, so that was understandable. A $24 honest mistake was made on my total. I contacted them right after I received the order and reported all the problems and everything was immediately refunded to balance out the deal.

Besides that, the quality exceeded all my expectations. All the animals are still alive and healthy after more than two weeks. View this thread to see the frogs I received from them.


They have a wonderful selection combined with incredible wholesale pricing. They rarely provide scientific names which is a bummer.

Being a large scale dealer, they communicate well with customers never leaving my emails unresponded to for more than a day.

You can view their site at www.xtremereptiles.com, but the pricelist there is ridiculously out of date. Email them at Xtremereptiles@aol.com to get a pricelist.

I encourage everybody to buy from Xtreme Reptiles, and I myself will be doing so again in the future


Old Timer
Sep 22, 2004
Bug wise i couldnt say, but i have purchased numerous animals both over the phone and in person. Alfredo and the gang are really great people. Friend had a problem with a neonate kingsnake not eating, long story short they sent in a replacement with no charge, and told us to keep trying for a few more weeks to get the other to eat. If it ate keep it, if not send it back to him, he would cover the shipping.