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AriZoNaS HacKeR

Dec 18, 2011
I place my order and get my Goliath birdeater in the mail 2 days later dead, i respond to them and they say there's no warranty on spiders, even though it says 10 day warranty on there site on google when you search and it doesnt say ONLY reptile.. it says just in general. My mom went back and fourth with a teenager and he was calling her the C word and B word alot in emails saying were stupid and just kept cussing my mother out for filing a paypal claim, and even went on facebook on their page and cussed me and my mom out and lied in posts saying we wouldnt provide a picture HAHAHA its in my freezer waiting shipment! STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS, total liars... kept lying about why they wouldn't answer the phone as well, said there was a death in a family then on facebook said there site was hacked HAhHAHA THANKS FLORDIA HERPS!! oh and ive gotten a savannah monitor from these guys aswell and came ALMOST dead i had to do alot of nurturing back to life on that one. thanks for reading :)
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Florida Herps

May 8, 2012
Florida Herps Review

Hello Mr. Hartman,

Here is the page you ordered your Spider from:


Right on this page under "Warranty Information" we clearly post: None - Live Guarantee is for Reptiles Only!

Here are our terms that have been in place since 1996 - these are the terms you had to "checkbox" that your read and understood BEFORE you are allowed to complete your order:

http://www.floridaherps.com/pages/Shipping-Policy.html - Please notice the HUGE TEXT right at the top that states: "All Reptiles come with a 100% Live & Healthy Arrival + 10 Day Money Back Guarantee*"

You do know spiders are not reptiles, right? There is also a little asterisk at the end of that statement. If you scroll down to the appropriate place where the "*" is we once again let everyone know that Invertebrates are not reptiles and therefore not covered by any warranty.

This policy has been in place for almost 17 years without a change. Your mom (Mary) - (who's PayPal account you used) posted on our Facebook page the same lies you posted here. That is why she was blocked and banned.

Again I am profoundly sorry your spider died (although we have yet to see a photo) after you had it for a day or two, but we do not cover spiders. Being upset about this fact is perfectly acceptable - however posting complete lies about our company on a public website is called "Slander". I would ask that you stick with the facts please.

Also if your first order made months ago was so bad - why did you order from us again? That really doesn't make much since.

Thank you,
Lonna Thompson - Customer Service Manager
Florida Herpetology, Inc.
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