WOW, these things are amazing


Old Timer
Mar 28, 2007
Ok, I am new to scorps and made a nice little hide and pre burrow for my tri color scorp. I check in on her last nite and she is sitting in the pre burrow. OK. Then, I wake up, check on er and she's gone... so I assume she escaped for a second then i notice that the preburrow(a little hole under the hide) is gone with a pile of loose substrate on it.

I think well she either dug and couldnt burrow(and therefore escaped) or burrowed and covered the entrance. So me being the genius I am, excavate where i know the preburrow hole was and am meeting no resistance from substrate. I push a little further with my finger(genius i know) and figure out it is in fact a burrow. So now there is a nice hole where the entrance to the burrow is. I go to get some lunch, come back and the hole is gone. AMAZING. I excavate again just to make sure i was looking in the same place, comeback in 10 minutes and see little clumps of peat/sand being pushed to plug up the burrow.

I honestly didn't know scorps physically sealed their burrows. I have numerous burrowing T.'s and they only seal it up with silk sometimes but never dirt(of course their's are either straight down or at a very steep angle)

Now to my question. Will she be ok in a sealed burrow? Will she come out at nite to feed or drink or is it like a trapdoor spider where they wait at the entrance? And how would she know its nite if the burrow is sealed?

Either way, it was awesome seeing the little guy push that dirt to make the hole disappear. I have no idea how you would catch this scorp in the wild since their burrows are so well camaflauged. Awesome

Mark Newton

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Mar 9, 2007
Sealing the burrow is absolutely normal and necessary for burrowers. To increase humidity and to keep out predators. Many burrowing scorpions cannot successfully ecdyse unless they seal the burrow. Species in Australia seal for months at a time. They play a game of now you see our burrows and now you dont.

Arachno Kid

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Jul 26, 2006
Welcome to the wonderful world of scorps XD, Mark I belive did one of the best looking threads for desert burrowing scorpions I have seen. Might want to check that out