Would a Psalmopoeus Pulcher make a good beginner arboreal?


Sep 22, 2016
I found a breeder selling a P. Pulcher sling for Php 800 and I'm interested in getting it.

I own a 1 yr old B. Smithi, this is my first and current tarantula.

First time posting in Arachnoboards <3

UPDATE: Okay so I've been running around the internet for awhile, some people say P. Pulcher is more of an intermediate level while other people say it's a good beginner arboreal. This is so confusing :(
Actually you could own a P. Pulcher, but do research more, I own an Obt as a second T after I bought my chaco/G. Pulchripes last last week. But before I decided to keep obt's I'm already aware of what might happen, and some of the guys commenting on this thread even helped in giving me tips. These guys are here giving tips for your safety, that's why some of them wont recommend it.
And again DONT GO FOR 800, you could've saved a 150 and bought a chaco and have 2 T's, sayang naman