Worst Kept Blondi's Ever


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Aug 7, 2002
I know, I know, there have been threads about how poorly kept tarantulas are at petstores but I think I have a contender. This store had 2 T.blondis, one male and one female. If it could stretch out I'd guess around 8-9 inches and they were very bulky. Anyways, these 2 spiders were kept in 2 gallon aquariums, one paper towel for substrate and a ball of cotton in the corner I am assuming was for it's water. These spiders were nearly double the width of these little aquariums and nearly as long. They also had zero ventilation and had fixed lids with no air holes. Anyways, they were going for $299 CDN a piece, so my hopes of rescueing them have been deminished. They had other animals like lizards and scorpions in larger cages, so I suggested that they move these spiders into larger cages. Although the employee agreed with me, he said they are better off on display in what they are in now. This was the stupidest thing i have ever heard considering they had other tarantulas in larger cages that were smaller than the T.blondis by FAR. They had a large selection of tarantulas, among them pinktoes, curlyhairs, redknees and rose hairs and they were all kept in amazingly poor conditions.

Anyways, I wish i hadn't gone in there in the first place because it pained me to see how badly these tarantulas were being kept. Their abdomens were completely 100% bald. Think if I talked to the manager or something they could be moved into more ideal quarters?



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Jan 8, 2003
thats about the worst pet store story i have herd. I HATE THESE STUPID PET STORES THAT DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! i hope those goliaths kicked all there hairs into the eyes of the morons who work there.

Bob the thief

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Dec 29, 2002
Since inverts are not covered by law you cant do much.

However there was a store like this where I live and they had both inverts and reptiles like this.
made a phonecall and in 3 weeks the place was shutdown.