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Woodland Park Zoo - Seattle 3/28/11

Discussion in 'Zoo Trips (Man Made Habitats)' started by toast4nat, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Just got back from the zoo today. It was kind of chilly and not a lot of animals were out but the bug house was a lot of fun as always. They had a gorgeous female T. blondi on display, she was a big girl too. They also had b. smithi, b. boehmei, and g. pulchra all looking healthy and happy. Some avics too, but they were so webbed up I couldn't see them >.<

    Here's the picture I took of the blondi, it's not very good, but there ya go!
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  2. synic

    synic Arachnosquire

    Do they still have the Golden Orb Weaver out in the open display case? I think it's so awesome.
  3. RyTheTGuy

    RyTheTGuy Arachnoknight

    I went there a year or so back, I don't remember seeing the Ts but i remember the HUGE cobra, it amazed me how big it was up close.
  4. Yes they do! She was just chillin in her web like a villain.
  5. MaRbLe

    MaRbLe Arachnosquire

    I dig that zoo, always a few T's on display in the Bug House. There seem to always be more near the exit where you can look into the lab type area. Hard to see them most of the time however...
  6. Rick McJimsey

    Rick McJimsey Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Gotta love all the people that touch the Nephila sp., thinking it's fake, despite the "I'M ALIVE / DO NOT TOUCH" sign.

  7. I enjoyed the tarantulas the best, nice sized T. blondi. I thought it was a decent zoo.
  8. We just went a couple weeks back, saw some really beautiful and healthy T's they had on display (unfortunately couldn't see the T. blondi, it was hiding).

    There were a great many enclosures behind the little window where the B. smithi and others were on display. I could read the labels on a few of them (looked like a couple more A. versicolors and some poecilotherias), does anyone know if they rotate the T's they have on display in front?
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  9. Gleek

    Gleek Arachnopeon

    they will rotate on occasion but its more if they are sending the one on display off somewhere. I used to volounteer there and got to kno some keepers really well. one time i visited the bug house behind the scenes(muwahaha) and they had just gotten like 60 T slings from the animal control who had confiscated them froman abandoned house. ive never seen so many babies at once. not to mention the partula snail breeding project is freaking awesome. As is the Oregon silver spot butterfly project. I phenominal zoo...but im biased
  10. james broad

    james broad Arachnopeon

    Always loves to visit the parks...and Zoo...
    but doesnt find the time to do so....
    thats y i have joined the forum to have the latest news about the zoo....in all areas thanks all for the
  11. Najakeeper

    Najakeeper Arachnoprince

    Been there twice, very beautiful place to be. Komodo Dragon exhibit is fascinating.
  12. missscarlett

    missscarlett Arachnopeon

    And they are growing up new spiderlings in the back keeper are!
  13. Austin

    Austin Arachnosquire

    Went there a couple months back, wanted to check out the bug room of coarse :) muhaha my girlfreind figured it out after i started planning the trip out hahaha soo we can go this way and check out the nocternal exhibit oooo then we can go check out the bug room then make a big loop back this way and stop by on our way out... hehe.
    But ya i saw the big girl T. blondi was a very nice setup they had for her. Then the window of others did any of you guys see the wasp nest in there?!?!! I believe if im not mistaken i saw wasps around the hive... Buut I dunno.

    Also on the walk through monkey section with those little black monkeys that just sit on the other side of a creak as you walk through the exhibit. My girlfreind and I were the only ones in there and was just 1 monkey sitting on the other side of the creak swatting at bugs. So I made kind of a high pitch whistle at the little guy, he looked directly at me and puffed his chest up and started fist pumping the ground haha. I was like hmm... he must not like that. Needless to say my girlfreind was thrilled and wanted more pictures of him moving so I did it 2 or 3 more times. Till he stood up and started following me along the creak. I then told my girlfreind its time to go, If I was him I would hope that creak and whoop my ass. She just laughed I started getting impatient so as I neared the exit, he is still following me. I happened to look down to see if there was something he could maybe climb across or jump onto to get to our side. As I looked over the wooden fence I saw... No more creak lol. My first reaction was yelling at my girlfreind to move her ass to the exit now. She of coarse still taking pictures as if nothing could go wrong. So i started running back towards her where the creak was wide, hoping he would follow me back that way. The monkey kept walking along the creak towards the door out. I started thinking of how I would explain to the keepers if he had attacked us or if he got out of his exhibit. Then he just turned and went into the bushes away from us. BIG sigh of relief.

    Anyway that was my expireince last time I went.
  14. Shay

    Shay Arachnopeon

    My gf went to woodland and she they didnt have any nocternal aminals anymore. no bats, roaches, etc.... bummer!!!!
  15. missscarlett

    missscarlett Arachnopeon

    Actually, I was told there were many good reasons the older, non-energy-efficient Nocturnal exhibit was "decommissioned". Some of the older/sensitive animals were said to have gone to better, more private areas at the zoo.
    And the Brazilian Cave Roaches didn't go too far away...they are in the keeper area of Bug World! If you look through the window at the tanks
    below the big paper wasp nest, you might can see them :>
    Maybe they'll be in an exhibit one day...
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