Old Timer
Aug 7, 2008
I would never have imagined it would be so hard to get...wood.

Yeah. I find a few small pieces of cork bark at blackjungle, etc. but if you are looking for cork tubes or elaborate peices of safe wood for your Tarantulas, apparently you are going to have to pay a pretty penny.

I did find one place that was selling a few 5lb bags of cork slab which I may order, but I am really looking for some cork tubes and some safe wood logs that have natural hides in them.

I know most people go outside and pick up pieces of wood, but I have to admit I am not that talented at identifying cedar / pine, etc. and don't want to risk harming my Ts...

Any ways, just venting and I guess hoping that someone out there has a secret supplier they'd be willing to share with me.

If not someone needs to get in on this because apparently there is a demand but no supply. :(