Woo hoo


Old Timer
Feb 28, 2007
Botar was right when he said Nhandu valpinus grow fast he sure wasnt kidding. the first time it molted I didn't see it...

the second time it motled I didn't see it or know it had molted. Today I went to check on it and it was beautifully standing by its old skin.

Since the skin was 100% shiveled up I could tell he/she was hungry.

So I throw in a vial of crickets of about 5-6 and he stuff them all his mouth as if he is never going to get fed again it was the craziest thing I've ever seen first hand lol.

Not only that when I took a closer look look this what I seen (picture below) you can't really see it in this picture but the area directly above the spinnerettes is bald as if its already in pre - molt again...if its not I have no idea why that area is bald cause i dont stress out my T's