wolf spider enclosure and care


Jan 1, 2017
Hello! been on here a time or two with pictures and learning about arachnids... questions now that we've had our Wolf Spider(tigrosa helluo)...
she has had two infertile egg sacks(I'm guess since there were no spiderlings, unless I screwed up and they weren't kept humid enough? but I kept a water dish, and even would spray the back end of the container--where her burrow was not)
she likes to eat smaller crickets, all good, but she hasn't had any for a week or two, I've tried, but she's not interested? and she's currently out of her burrow(in daylight) been reading, maybe getting ready to molt?
we have her in a soil bottomed(dirt from outside) in a medium critter cage from pet store--should we upgrade her? I have a 10gal fish tank with screen top we use for investigating other critters in the summer. would it stress her out too much?
I'm no spider-whisperer, but she seems to be doing okay.


Sep 24, 2015
looks to be doing fine. ive had wolf spiders (Lycosids) make phantom sacs without being mated. the more substrate you use the better. these guys usually make a burrow given the chance. she may be in premolt if shes not eating. your cage is fine. a 10g is overkill. i wouldnt really bother spraying. just overflow the water once a week or so, not alot but a decent amount.
she looks lovely :)