Wile E Coyote


Jul 6, 2010
Remember when Wile E Coyote would chase Road Runner to the edge of a huge cliff and the Road Runner would stop and Wile E Coyote would just run right off the cliff and then hang in mid air for 2 seconds before plunging to the ground 500 feet below?
Let me start at the beginning. My 1.5inch OBT sling molted last week in his sling tube making him slightly to large for it. So off to the Container Store we go to buy him a 4inch cube! Last night was the big move..

Here Wile sits all comfy hiding in his webbed up sling tube. I carefully remove the cover and he cowers back to the bottom of his webbing. Holding Wile over his new housing I try to tap him out of the sling tube with no success. This little bugger wants no part of leaving his cozy webbing. So human being #1 grabs his tong's to nudge him out! Still holding the sling tube as close as i can to the new home i slide the tong's into the sling tube and slowly nudge him towards the opening hoping he will walk onto the fake leafs i have in there.

Wile slowly moves towards the front of the sling tube as I continue to pressure him out. Then in one swift motion that can only be seen on a cartoon, Wile springs out of the sling tube onto the leaf! All i saw was the flutter of the leaf being touched, orange streaks followed, my eyes couldn't even focus or comprehend the speed. Off the leaf he glided, straight over the substrate ,like he would sink in it if he slowed down, up the side of the new enclosure then down the outside. Then Wile does the unthinkable! without pause or hesitation Wile continues his escape off the kitchen table! I watched in terror as he made this leap at what I would describe as Ferrari speed, then a slight hanging 3 feet off the floor and poof he falls to the ground!

But this dosn't slow Wile down, his little legs still trucking along at the speed of sound he hits the ground running and scurries to the kitchen sink cabinets. Under the cabinet he finally gave pause to his flight. There he rested. His escape taking a mere 3-4 seconds tops to cross what I would compare to a football field size for a human.

Did I mention I'm still afraid of spiders? And this one terrifies me! After a 25 minute pursuit and fear of losing this sucker under my stove and it killing my dogs and cats and biting me! I finally got it onto a sweater then into another canister on the floor and was able to get him back under control. 24 hours later though hes still not in his new home as I have another canister upside over his new home taped to it to try to get him in so I can cover it.

When you hear people say OBT is fast. I don't think it's describable without seeing it first hand. The only thing that would compare is the Road Runner cartoons. All you see is orange streaks.....


Old Timer
Jul 28, 2007
I went throught the same thing but with 4 OBT slings! By the 4th one I kinda knew what to expect. Definately an adrenaline rush every time! Wait till you have to move it again to a bigger enclosure.