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WildSide Pets - Mesa, AZ


Dec 3, 2010
One afternoon, after the last final of the semester, I was feeling pretty good about the world. With a good feeling about my grades I thought "gee, I think I need to reward myself with a new T"! I pulled up to my one and only Tarantula carrier Pets Inc., when something in my head flashed. Signs on the door.


I walked up, reading '50% off everything'!

No, no, noooo.

'Out of buisness in two days'

Eternal creys.

So after assuming the fetal position in front of the old tarantula displays, a worker who had come to sell multiple critters to me recommened the Arizona Reptile Center. That place was another kick to the ribcage. A few days and couple of google searches later took me to WildSide Pets. An hour drive from my house but fine, this is the last hope I had for local purchases. And oh my, was I fortunate.

Now, the place is small. Unfortunately this also reflects on the room they alot their T's. Some are in acceptable conditions, but others really need more space. This was glossed over by other factors, price being the main. Believe me, I know how awful it is that i'm glossing over conditions due to their prices. But damn. Them prices be low. That's also why i'm typing this now. They have a female chaco gold knee, full grown on sale for $100 who is in great condition when I last saw her, but she really needs more space. I've picked up a 4 inch B. Sabulosum for 30 bucks. Give these people your money and let them know more T's in better conditions will sell like hotcakes. The guy working was mainly a reptile guy, but he did his research and knew what he was talking about. He also acknowleged how if T's started selling more they'd get alot more room.

I know you're out there AZ Tarantula owners, and with Pets Inc. gone and the other stores i've encountered being mediocre at best, this may be it for awhile.


Old Timer
Aug 19, 2009
Just FYI,James has a ton of stuff in back. I have been supplying him with slings when we have extras from sacks and whatnot.I am trying to get him and his guys up to speed with things( Tarantula-wise)
This is really my favorite place as well,as James and his family have treated us well since they have opened,and I have gotten some amazing deals.


Jul 29, 2002
This is a really great store, James and his wife (the owners) are top notch human beings and keepers. James has very extensive knowledge and always goes out of his way to help people. The shop is always clean and kept nicely, feeders and stock appear to be healthy and in good care. Additionally, their prices are very competitive!


Jul 22, 2014
Hands down the best store I have encountered in the Phoenix area. After finding them a little over a month ago, I have already purchased three T's and two tortoise!

Clean store, great selection, knowledgable employees, and as mentioned before VERY competitive prices. Now if I could just get them to find me a M balfouri....