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Who's Behind the Computer Part 4

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by Kugellager, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Kugellager

    Kugellager ArachnoJester Arachnosupporter

    Who's Behind the Computer - Part 4


    First, Second & third threads were getting WAY too big. Part 1 can be found here:


    Part 2 can be found here:


    Part 3 can be found here:


    Time for a new one.

    Please let's keep this one to just pictures ......seriously.....please don't quote or re-post the same dang pictures over and over and use this as a discussion forum...this is NOT The Watering Hole or MySpace!


    The Arachnoboards Team
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  2. Arachnomore

    Arachnomore Arachnobaron



  3. clearlysaid

    clearlysaid Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Haha, I'm JUST seeing these threads... Part 4, huh? I'm a little slow.

    This is a pic from about, uh, two years ago I'd say... it's my fave pic of me:
  4. Scott C.

    Scott C. Arachnofloater Arachnosupporter

  5. lunixweb

    lunixweb Arachnobaron Old Timer


    hi.. eating a delicious baby goat in Monterrey, Mexico...
  6. Hah! I just dug something really old up but it's cute.

    This has a bit of a story - my used to take lots of screenshots of me just getting on normally as I do on webcam and took the cutest ones and compiled them. Then he of course, did his normal routine and put a filter on it so no one can actually see what it is. Enjoy!

  7. NevularScorpion

    NevularScorpion Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter

    Choobaine great pic :) i love it

    anyways since this is a new tread i will show you guys one of my ultra rare pics that you will never see me having this again. This one were taken a few months ago when i had a long hair and live like a rockstar. BTW im not gay lol


  8. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince

  9. Heather

    Heather Arachnoknight

    I wanna be on the first page too!

  10. Why not.

    Ok since I have yet to post in this thread here goes.

    This is a B&W of my boyfriend and I. I just love it.

    Me and Chris.jpg

    This is a pretty cool one my bf took.

    He's got my head.jpg

    One more.

    Biker Carla.jpg
    Okay it's not mine it's my boyfriend's, but mine is red too (yes I do ride).

    Mine and Chris' Bikes.jpg
  11. You're very right to love that black and white photo, it's gorgeous!
    Now I ought to show my man since I've talked about him but never shown him. When I'm with him he often looks over my shoulder as I type when I'm on AB so he thechnically has been behind the computer! ;)

    This is Flo. Probably one of the most patient men on earth to deal with me.


    And this is me, I fell asleep on the floor.
    He got his camera and took a long exposure shot of me all fast asleep. This was taken in pretty much pitch black (the sky looks bright because it's in a city, there's allways a very deep glow to it). He says it's cute, apparently. I look a little deformed because I was moving, y'all know what I look like allready, don't panic!

  12. Long-exposure shots are fun. :)

    Here's me on Halloween a couple years ago. Photo credit goes to my boss.
  13. Arachno_Shack

    Arachno_Shack Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Here is a not so great pic of me...

    It was taken around 1am this past summer while bugging. We heard something in the trees above, and this baby turkey paid us a visit! She stayed around for about an hour, eating any large moth that came her way, then as quickly as she arrived, she flew away..

    Sorry about the quality, but I thought it was pretty cool...


    And a better one of the turkey...

  14. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    me in my spider room :]

  15. Him and me :p
  16. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    dang! missed the first page by 1 post... :(

    i'm still camping... hauling 65-70lbs of gear up a 14,000ft mountain...
  17. hairmetalspider

    hairmetalspider Arachnoprince Old Timer

    This thread too perhaps?

    Well hey!

    Since everyone else is posting more, I can too. PPFFFTTT.

    Me and my G.Rosea just played a game of "Attila is going to be calm and docile until she gets on the bed and takes off like a bullet behind every nook and cranny so Corey can't catch her." She was eventually bribed out with the promise of a larger coconut and small jacuzzi.

    Gotta' love the fuzzy little buggers.


    Me and Charles :p
  18. RoachGirlRen

    RoachGirlRen Arachnoangel

    Shirt reads "Blattodea is Beautiful," because I'm a hardcore invertebrate geek like that.


    Great pics, everyone.
  19. edesign

    edesign AB FB Group Moderatr Old Timer

    Mardi Gras 2008...Carencro, LA

    Yes, another Mardi Gras season has passed me by...thankfully I moved out of Lafayette a few months ago and didn't have to deal with the traffic hassles this year :D Ok, I did...once...to show my gf what a pita mardi gras causes when they close half the lanes of an already congested street and this isn't even New Orleans. :D

    Workin' on catchin some beads...the cheesehead "hat" helped me stand out, worked well this year (I am NOT a packers fan...not in the slightest). Although I coudl see some people on the floats mouthing, "NO CHEESEHEADS!" to me and not throwing any beads my direction lol..no biggie, plenty to go 'round

    One of the cops also told me I had to have my beer in a plastic or styrofoam cup if I was going to stand near the road per the city's request. However, I don't think this is quite what he had in mind :D

    Drunk...something, I forget what the rest said but I wasn't drunk at that point, honest!

    My gf and I, her first Mardi Gras (she lives in Dallas)...she liked it a lot

    And my coworker who split his last beer with me (Guiness) because I ran out and the parade was ALMOST over...I think it lasted for over an hour, hour and a half?
  20. ~Abyss~

    ~Abyss~ Arachnoking Old Timer

    Me and Rocky like to play this game were he pins me and tries to stick his tounge in my mouth and I try not to let him....he usually wins

    This one is for BryanS. This is one of my best female PURUBIAN friend....:D :shock:
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