WHOA!!! Weird dream!


Jul 2, 2010
Ok, I saw a few photos of P. Metallica, gorgeous T. So I start studying and learn the things to know or keeping, then check the price tag. OUCH! so I don't have one, probably won't for a good while, but the night after seeing the pricetag online I had the weirdest dream:? In the dream I was in a petshop, (in the dream they took amazing care of the T's) and see a metallica for 60 bucks, 4" female. I asked the employee to see her cause I'm interested, and as soon as the cage is opened, BAM! teleport right dead center if the cage. I, for some unknown reason, put my hand in, and she just saunters over onto my hand, no threat display, zilch. The employee remarks how weird that is and asks if I would like her, seeing as she's a clearout price, and gorgeous to boot, I say yes and we go to a back room to get her ready for transport. In the back room she teleported off my hand somehow, and on top of a shelf, I put my hand down again and she saunters over, and I see a slow motions bite, fangs up, bite down, wake up.

What the balls is going on in this spider-fied brain of mine?


Jun 18, 2010
What the balls is going on in this spider-fied brain of mine?[/QUOTE]

What the balls indeed.