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Who molted today?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by T Frank, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. draconisj4

    draconisj4 Arachnobaron Active Member

    My tiny speck of a P. sazimai molted last night, I can just barely see it in its hide...sure doesn't look any bigger to me,lol.

    N. chromatus juvie molted. It looks like it gained almost an inch in size with this molt,hard to believe that in 9 months it's gone from something so tiny I thought they forgot to put the spider in the vial at first when I got it to over 2"

    T. ockerti also molted, couldn't get a pic of it but it has a solid red butt now instead of speckles.

    N. chromatus Sep 2018.jpg
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  2. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnogeek Arachnosupporter

    P. victori 3" female
    H. cafreriana 2.5" female
    G. pulchra #1, #2
    A. rufa #5
    I hirsutum #1
    A. merianae #1.#4, #5
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  3. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnobaron

    B. hamorii male. Still immature.
  4. C. fimbriatus molted sometime this week, finally kicked the torn up molt out of its burrow. No pick of my pet hole lol.
  5. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince

    P. sazimai has molted again. It molts often but puts on barely any size.
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  6. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnobaron

    Juvenile male Acanthoscurria brocklehursti
  7. PanzoN88

    PanzoN88 Arachnolord

    My P. atrichromatus molted, just found the molt today. Pretty certain it's destroyed though, so no sexing it for me. I'm still thinking it's a male.
  8. Minty

    Minty @londontarantulas

    Pterinochilus lugardi sling.

    Pterinopelma sazimai has a very dark and shiny abdomen, so waiting for her to moult too.
  9. Greasylake

    Greasylake Arachnoprince

    C. fimbriatus molted, still unsexed
    P. irminia molted, sexed as male
  10. dangerforceidle

    dangerforceidle Arachnodemon Active Member

    A. geniculata moulted today while I was out. I knew it was coming soon, because it refused a couple consecutive feeding attempts.

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  11. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnobaron

    The first of my 340 B. albopilosum "Nicaragua" molted to 3i. No I won't post for every single one.
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  12. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnoreaper Arachnosupporter

    Pseudoclamoris gigas juvenile
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  13. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnogeek Arachnosupporter

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  14. codicez

    codicez Arachnosquire

    My Avicularia Braunshauseni just molted today... Got her at the end of Jenuary as sling.



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  15. draconisj4

    draconisj4 Arachnobaron Active Member

    I. hirsutum juvenile just flipped back over. Also N. incie gold juvie, E. uatuman sling and Sericopelma sp Azuero Panama sub adult molted overnight.

    Iris Sep 2018.jpg
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  16. DanBsTs

    DanBsTs Dan (Not Even Cool) the Man

    I went into the T room to check on my Ts and noticed my P. regalis has made a little hammock to molt! I look away for like 10 seconds and when I look back it has flipped! :woot: Time to charge my phone so I can get a timelapse! Woohoo! :)
  17. Gaherp

    Gaherp Arachnofarmer Old Timer

    Caught a D. pentalore molting today. Here is a sequence of pics of him(sexed via molt) molting. I have a few females(including widowmaker) primed and ready for him when he hooks out. He should have just another molt before that.
    20180926_151420.jpg 20180926_151011.jpg 20180926_151635-1.jpg 20180926_131734-1.jpg
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  18. dmac

    dmac Arachnopeon

    My H. sp. Colombia large molted yesterday. Never got a sexable molt and now I don't need one lol Mature male.

    Other than him, my H. pulchripes sling molted. Hiding though, so no pics.
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  19. Dovey

    Dovey Arachnobaron

    Can I just quietly say that if my MF Avicularia "Metallica" does not molt soon, I am going to completely lose my nut. She's shabby, she's got a big black shiny bum, and she's been refusing food for well over 2 months. Let's get this party started!!!
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  20. DanBsTs

    DanBsTs Dan (Not Even Cool) the Man

    Ugh... I stayed up way too late for this but I think it was worth it. I noticed as I was making my last nightly check of the T room that my P. regalis has made a hammock. Since I had been waiting for a molt for some time I wasn’t surprised and I was able to catch the process with timelapse! Hope you enjoy. Now I can finally go to sleep :banghead::banghead::hurting::dead:
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