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Malleus Aranearum
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Mar 7, 2012
We don't allow links to online stores, dealers, or ads on the discussion boards (as they are akin to endorsements or advertisements) outside of the Classified section. Similarly, we don't allow "where to buy" inquiries outside of our Classified section.

Below are some tips on finding tarantula sellers.

Check out our Classifieds section. You'll find lots of spiders for sale by businesses and hobbyists. (You can't post replies in the Classifieds section. Contact the seller by sending a private message or using whatever contact method is specified in the thread or on the reviews page.)

If you are looking for a particular species, search Classifieds for the scientific name. The genus name is often abbreviated to the first initial, so if you are not finding results with the binomial, such as Grammostola pulchra, try just the species name, such as pulchra. (Be aware that there are some species that share the same species name but belong to different genera, so check the genus before ordering.)

Whether you're buying from someone here or another Web site, you should read reviews here before ordering. (When you're reading a classified ad, you can quickly find the seller's review page by clicking the user name and then clicking "Reviews & Reports Page.") Don't forget to post a review after the transaction is complete.

Google is another way to find red flags, but I would disregard positive reviews on any site where the company being reviewed has editorial control (for example, on the company's Web site or on a Facebook page owned or moderated by the company).

Note: Many people recommend against buying spiders from stores that primarily deal in reptiles, as they often don't know what they are doing, and it's anyone's guess whether you will receive the species and sex you ordered.
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