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Where are the babies

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by ballpython2, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. ballpython2

    ballpython2 Arachnoprince

    Ok so I have one male and two female rats I have had them we'll say for about a month and half maybe just a month but i am sure they are all old enough to mate and have babies.

    However, I don't see/hear any pinkies in there and they look just as fat (the females) as they did when they came to my house so not a big difference.

    Should I get a new male rat or just wait it out a little longer?

    They all seem happy and they are well fed.

    I just recently got another snake so i need to see results lol.

    But if all else fails I will go to petco and use their rats as food.
  2. GailC

    GailC Arachnoprince Old Timer

    wait it out a bit longer, could be that they are a little young or that it took them awhile to get used to each other.
  3. JohnEDove

    JohnEDove Arachnoknight

    Where did you get your rats?
    Someone gave me a pair of albinos they had purchased at Petsmart or petco. They produced only three litters in a year so I culled them.
  4. ShellsandScales

    ShellsandScales Arachnobaron

    There may be something elso going on as well and I do know that lower temps will slow reproduction. How old are the rats?? I know that any females that don't reproduce in the first year of their life tend to have problems with reproduction. From low #'s, deformed babies on up to death for the female. I think it is a fail safe in their genes. Rats are designed to have lots of babies and if a female hasn't gotten pregnant (in nature) there is usally a good reason (something genetically wrong or its just not a fit animal for reproduction otherwise) and the body wants to prevent those bad genes from entering the gene pool. So if they get pregnant after that expect some problems. At least that is what I have observed and hypothesised based on my experience and second hand accounts.
  5. GootySapphire

    GootySapphire Arachnolord Old Timer

    Oh god baby mice...so many bad experiences with seeing the mom eating the babies :( horrible.
  6. ballpython2

    ballpython2 Arachnoprince

    Yea, i got all three (the male and 2 females) from petco. and I'm sure they are big enough to breed because the male's testicles had dropped and i brought 2 adult (large)females

    and the temperature I had them at was room temperature. I was told if it felt good to me then the house temps were fine.

    Anyway i got impatient after waiting a month and a half so like two days ago I fed the male off to my blood python. I may try again but the only place I can gwt rats from is the pet store because no reptile shows come to Boston only to NH which I cant really get to. but I'll figure out something thanks for everyones help/thoughts/opinions.
  7. JohnEDove

    JohnEDove Arachnoknight

    You might try to locate a Rattery in your area and pick up a couple but don't tell them you have a snake.

    Edit: Just found this listing of rodent breeders perhaps there is one in your area.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2008
  8. GailC

    GailC Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Try to find a small mom and pops pet store to get a male from and try to get a older one.
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