When Will It Ever End?


Sep 28, 2016
Sorry my English isn't great.

I was wondering if what you said was a joke. Because the containers are terrible for housing Ts as they lack all the things you mentioned. Yet you opened with "they aren't too bad for young arboeals Ts" .. I got confused there o_O
No worries! The things i mentioned were alterations to make to the container to MAKE it a decent temporary housing. keyword is "temporary".

Btw, the ventilation on these containers seems adequate. There's an unblocked permeable mesh covering half the lid. Not sure what the purpose of the foam at the bottom is, though. perhaps to keep the spider or spiderling from getting hurt during the trip? Keep in mind that these containers are basically meant for transport. Hopefully buyers don't intend on keeping them in there, although I doubt that petco explains this to them.


Apr 8, 2016
Ah ok I understand now. Yes they would be suitable for travel but that is about it IMO.

They dont cut the costs of proper housing on their other animals by that much. I mean sure their animals arent looked after great but usually are in the right enclosures. The Avic avic in the very first photo are way to big for that jail cell.