when to remove mother from tank


Apr 21, 2003
My emp had babies about a month ago (4-20) and today I tried to remove it from the tank with the babies because it seems to be getting annoyed by them. When the babies are in the burrows she stays out in the open and when the babies are out it crawls into one of the burrows. So today I tried to take it out and transplant it to the larger tank I got she totally freaked, trying to attack me then running and standing over one of the spots where the babies are, attacking me again and repeating the action. What I want to know is should I leave it with the babies longer or keep trying to get it out. Also, I will eventually be putting all the ones I keep in the same large tank, when I do this am I going to need to worry about her not recognizing them and attacking them (they will obviously still be much smaller so I am afraid of them being killed). This is my second emp but the last one was very docile and would climb right onto my hand when I stuck it in so I have no clue what to do about this.


Old Timer
Mar 17, 2003
Well you seemed to have pretty good luck so far. Raising the young will numerous survival. CONGRATS!!!=D
I personaly would seperate her . She`ll be abit cranky, its just good `ol mother instinct. I beleive she`ll be more happy in a seperate tank herself .The babies should all be fine with each other , provided that they have enough space and are able to claim all their own little hiding spots and well fed. but be sure to offer numerous hides in many locations so they can all find the most comfortable(Temp/Humidity).

keep us informed!!