When do people generally become concerned with pet dirt hole


Jul 2, 2019
I have two baby Asian forest scorpions Im assuming they are from the same clutch because they were both the same size. One has successfully molted the way it’s burrow is I can easily view with minimal disturbance and he has started eating, but the other guy I can’t see at all last I seen it looked just like the guy that molted about 3 weeks ago. When should I become concerned with this little fellow? The last prey item was offered three weeks ago but refused to eat and I don’t want any crickets going into the burrow of a potential molting scorpion so I haven’t been leaving crickets in the enclosure. I check during the night and day for any activity but nothing. After a certain time frame do you become worried about your pet holes?

Dr SkyTower

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Dec 21, 2019
It could be the other one may have already molted. It can take up to a week (or longer) after molting before they accept food.

Lubed Tweezer

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Dec 3, 2019
The one that is hiding may be in a pre-molt and therefor inactive.
A scorpion that is hiding away for 6-8 weeks doesn't concern me at all, some of them do this even at adult age when they no longer molt.
Boost up the temperature for 2-3 days and see what happens.
While it is quietly hiding in it's burrow you do need to keep the humidity up and make sure the temperature is not too low.
If you haven't noticed any activity for longer than well over 2 months, I would carefully dig out the burrow to check up on him.