What's YOUR top five, most favorite Tarantula list.....

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Oct 9, 2006
Yeah, I had a P.irminia that I sold not to long ago. This was one crazy ass spider, so crazy that it was the only spider out of my 14 others that was just too insane to handle. It was in a defensive posture before I could open the cage. If you hold your it is either a stoner and to mellow to care or it's not a P.irminia.
thats not entirely true.. i have seen (and handled) a few irminia's that were somewhat reasonable.


Feb 5, 2007
lol, you want too much.. work your way through the approximated 'stages'.ie brachy, grammastolas. youl learn more, and understand better which type of tarantula you like, and can REALLY care for. You seem very interested in Ts, iv seen many people go out and buy many Ts because of their status in the hobby, just because they are rare and end up with having alot of money wasted because they just wernt experienced to understand the different Ts requirements..
start small and then buy more, i would recommend having a rosea or nearly any brachy, theyr one of the nicest looking family of ts available.
maybe a GBB if you just cant settle for one of the 'staple' pet species. theyr reletively cheap and hardy things. very beautiful too.
Im not tying to grip at you, but it is a shame when inexperienced keepers loose specimens of sout after species through neglect, knowingly or not. P metallica is the main one that springs to mind, numerous people i have spoke to in Uk, all being rather younger..teens so thats def part of it, have lost very nice Ts due to neglect knowingly or not.
I dont like the animals having to suffer in such a way.
for instance i would rather wait to buy a Cyrio borneo black, and let experienced breeders actually get them a bit more stable in the hobby, which i cant wait for.
i think sometimes people just forget that although they have just bought it down a road, or off the net, some of these species, even some that are being CB as well come from a jungle, or some arid location in the wild, and not all of those arrive to the desired country/ pet shop alive. There should be some kind of hierarchy for WC new trade species, being sold to breeders, then CB to public, unfortunately that just wouldnt work and couldnt be implemented. By all means, buy what you want jsut think carefully about the species in general, and how experienced you really are for the desired species. If its a rare one, definately try and get it mated when mature. Thats kinda a responsibilty i don on myself.
keep the enthusiasm, no floor there. Im sure you havent been in the hobby long but have already picked up much. I dont wanna bring you down at all, just let you make a wiser decision on which you like and why you like it.;)
Your point is very well taken and thanks for the concerns. I have 3 tarantulas right now (all beginners ts- G. Rosea, A. Seemanni, and B. emilia) and don't plan on purchasing another one for at least another month. I'm doing a ton of research on the ones that I am considering. My next purchase IS going to be an arboreal species, however, because I do not know all of the types of species, I thought it be a good idea to find out what people's top five are so that way I can get a better idea of what types of species are out there. This thread is allowing me to recognize the beginner species from the experienced species. Plus, its just interesting to see what people like and why they like it.

Anyways, for everyone who has responded to this thread, thanks for all the feedback!!!!
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Apr 19, 2006
Grammostola rosea (no apologies, all of mine are cool)
Brachypelma emilia
Paraphysa scrofa
Aphonopelma anax
Lasidorides polycuspulatus