What's Missing From the Hobby


Apr 8, 2016
I love the idea of the self empty and refill water dishes. I suppose it would work like a miniature toilet.

I suspect the tire kicking thing does get frustrating. From the opposite angle there are also dealers that provide no information except a price which forces buyers to kick the tires. This is another reason to buy from a breeder. You don't have to worry about quality and being ripped off on price. Sometimes there are some huge differentials on prices going on at the official internet stores which makes me wonder who got what from whom.
I am happy to give photos leg spans(from when last measured) all information needed from legspan to locality. Infact husbandry tips too, even where to buy the right housing if i cant supply it.. Which is good as they will know how to care for what T they will not be buying :shifty:

I mean the ones that want fresh photos and mesurements of a pet hole that isnt the one that you photographed for the ad. But you gotta do what ya gotta do to be a good seller. Bite the bullet and do it because you want to help. But when a buyer asks for this and that of all sorts of species then changes a few, then subtracts it down to 1 or 2 slings that they never asked you for in the info on in the first place its annoying... Thats if they even purchase anything.

I understand the buyers point too as I also have bought my whole collection. I have only come across 1 bad seller over here so far. I have been sold wrong Ts in the past but when people are dealing with 1000s of Ts its easy to make a mistake. Some can be down right rude though.

As I said sorry for the rant but the Xmas tire kickers have been out in full effect this end :bucktooth::rofl:
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