What's a Webmaster to Do???

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He Who Rules
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Jul 16, 2002
Hello Everyone,

God, I just don't know what to write here.

First let me start by telling everyone to please read this post from beginning to end. There may be stuff in it you're not gonna like reading, but please read the whole thing before jumping to conclusions. Here we go....

To everyone attacking Paul, STOP IT!!!

We're adults here, please lets act like it.

Honesty Time Here:

Paul, as you can see, there are alot of people here that don't like you very much. To be honest with you, I'm one of them. I don't particularly care for you. I find you to be pompous and arrogant and to me your outlook on the world makes me think you go through life with blinders on. I don't really care for the veiled comments that seem to be directed at my website either. "Don't turn to the copiers and followers." If my content is so "unoriginal", as you've said before, then I must be a copier. Anyway, that's not what we're discussing here.

I'm gonna stick my neck out here and just say that I think Paul deserves a second chance.


Anyway, (pulling my head back on) I'm gonna let Paul keep posting for a bit and we'll see where it goes. He hasn't really posted anything wrong. He was just asking for pictures. If you're not interested in helping him, don't. There's no need for you to start ripping him apart. We all know (well, most of us) what happened at petbugs and I REFUSE to let that repeat here.

To anyone who doesn't like Paul,

Ignore him. If you're so sure that you don't want to read anything posted by him, I believe that if you add him to your ignore list, you will not see any posts by him. Wala, Paul is no longer on the boards. There is really no reason for me to ban anyone. I will not tolerate personal attacks against anyone, even Paul. That whole thread will be deleted shortly.

To Paul,

You are here on a TRIAL BASIS. If you start posting crap that I don't like, first I will warn you and second, I WILL BAN you. If you feel that I'm being harsh to you, TOUGH. You may be back in the hobby now, but that doesn't mean we have to accept you with open arms. Personally, I am willing to give you a second chance. I don't know how many other people will. Keep your posts on topic and I don't think you should post in the Watering Hole. Keep it to on topic stuff and maybe the majority will come to accept you. I know, you probably don't care what the majority thinks, but I do. I'm going against the majority right now by allowing you to keep posting.

No matter how many polls I create to ask people what they might want, I am still "He Who Rules" here. This is not a democracy. Keep stuff on topic and maybe your name wont be anathema for that much longer. I value everyones opinion, but the final choice is mine.

Anyone who has any questions or wants to discuss my viewpoint, can feel free to email me. I'll answer you if I feel like it :)

Lets get back to the bugs.....


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