What to put in a desert setup?


Jul 20, 2020
Yup. Black death feigning beetles can be less fun, but if you're talking about blue death feigning beetles, how are they supposed to be less entertaining than a scorpion? Lol.
At any rate, sand roaches, desert millipedes, or darkling beetles would be a good choice. Millipedes probably need more dirt mixed into the sand and a more humid area than the others. You could also keep a single vinegaroon, but that tank is probably too big for just one and they aren't communal.
id say
1. vinagroon,

2. An actual millipede(not a centipede since, like stated, she might look it up and see what it looks like)

3. switch up the set up a little bit and get a Green Desert mantis!
Sorry for replying to an old post, but can you actually keep a Vinegaroon with Death Feigning beetles? Won't the vinegaroon eat them?