What To Do In The Event Of A Tornado


Old Timer
Aug 17, 2002
Just a small anecdote...

I happen to live in East Tennessee and as many of you probably know, we had some major weather systems come through here last night, about six tornados from my count. Well, my wife and I were over at her boss' home and when they announced a warning for the county just north of us heading our way we went down into her basement.

Now, most people, in such a situation, would have been worried, maybe thinking about their home, wondering if everything would be ok. Me, when I stepped into the unfinished basement, complete with concrete walls and only one power outlet, the first thought that entered my head was "Wow, I bet there are TONS of spiders down here."

And then, when my wife's boss told me she had a scorpion living down there, I spent about half the time calling "Here, scorpion, scorpion, scorpion."

As a side note, anyone know what genera or species of scorpions live in Eastern Tennessee? Thanks.