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What sized vials should I buy for slings

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Spiderguy47, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Spiderguy47

    Spiderguy47 Arachnoknight

    So my male C. Marshalli just matured which means after he makes a sperm web I can finally start my first breeding project. I want to have everything setup before she lays the eggs. What size vials should I get to put the slings in when I separate them? Will 2.5 dram work?
    And here's a picture of the future parents: IMG_20180608_080931.jpg
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  2. Nightstalker47

    Nightstalker47 Arachnoking

    I would go bigger on the vials. As slings, ceratogyrus do fine with extra space.

    Good luck with the breeding man.
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  3. Spiderguy47

    Spiderguy47 Arachnoknight

  4. Nightstalker47

    Nightstalker47 Arachnoking

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  5. Spiderguy47

    Spiderguy47 Arachnoknight

  6. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    40 is better. Also, remember they are FAST. Don't underestimate them because they are slings and a Cerato. I had a Cerato sling shoot out of a vial like that, onto the kitchen floor, and keep on going, didn't miss a beat.
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  7. beaker41

    beaker41 Arachnoknight

    It seems like overkill to use the tube method on something so small but they will shock you at their speed. The other way is to put a bunch of smaller brand new Tupperware containers in a larger one. That way they have a series of slippery walls to climb before they run under whatever you have then sitting on.
  8. Spiderguy47

    Spiderguy47 Arachnoknight

    I've dealt with speedy slings in the past, I think I can handle the rehouse.
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