What size vials for what size tarantulas?


Jul 17, 2010
I'm pretty new to tarantula keeping, I have two 1/2" slings (G. rosea RCF, B. smithi), one a little bigger than that (B. albopilosum), and one nearly 1" (B. albopilosum). I also have an adult G. rosea in a large Faunarium. I have my three smallest in vials measuring 2.5x2.5", and the bigger one in a vial measuring 3x3.5". I'm worried I have them in vials too big, and am wondering if I should get some smaller vials and switch them out, and if I should, then what sizes?

I'm planning on moving them to Deli cups when they're a little bigger because I like to see them, but how big should they be when I move them into something like that, and what size should the Deli cups be? Is there some sort of rule to follow for the sizing?

I'm also planning to get four more tarantulas, three 1/2" (B. boehmei, B. auratum, B. vagans), and one 1/4" A. geniculata. What size vials should I have ready for them? Sorry if this too long, but I could really use some help! Thanks.

Bill S

Old Timer
Oct 2, 2006
I tend to move mine to deli cups by the time they get to be about 1". (But I've been accused of keeping animals in general in larger containers/cages than necessary.) The real measure is whether the spider can find its food and do well in a larger container. If there appears to be a problem, you can always move the spider back into a vial.

The vial sizes I use are 1"x2.5" for tiny slings, 1.25"x3.5" for larger ones.