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what is the largest scorp speices????

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by kingstubb, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. kotex

    kotex Arachnopeon

    wat do u mean by--->Worst reputation: Androctonus australis ...very boring? or kill alot of poeple?:)
  2. i_like_scorps

    i_like_scorps Arachnosquire

    For killing a lot of people. Even though the LQ is the most deadly, people are rarely stung by them because they really don't co-habitate with each other and there is an antivenin for them. AA kills the most people because it is often found more where people are and there is no antivenin for them.
  3. MasamuneX7

    MasamuneX7 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Regarding Leiurus quinquestriatus, its venom is nearly twice as potent as that of Androctonus australis, but due to its geographical range, does not kill more people.
  4. Selenops

    Selenops Arachnoangel

    But the A.a. balances that equation out by delivering much more venom per a sting especially a pissed off A.a. that accidently crushed beneath a hand or handled or provoked by something of that nature.
  5. i_like_scorps

    i_like_scorps Arachnosquire

    That's exactly correct. For example take Opistopthalmus glabrifrons. It is not listed as dangerous due to the venom. It's LD50 is between 430 and 600 on the potency scale.....not dangerous at all but it is listed as a dangerous species because of the amount of venom it injects! It injects a lot of venom which causes neurological symptoms. The Emporer's LD50 is 40 which is obviously not dangerous either but is obviously more dangerous "theoretically" than O. glabrifrons.
  6. Selenops

    Selenops Arachnoangel

    Check out these scorpions preserved in jars, sure, the glass might be magnifying their image alittle but they are still monsters.


    1st pic down!
  7. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    LD50 values should be intimidating for mice only :D In a lot of cases the anti-venom is more dangerous than the scorpion venom itself.
    Both A.a. and L.q. are found around human dwellings, but more in the middle East then Northern Africa (there are not that many people in the Sahara area).....

    Try to acquire some good literature about this subject, I don't have the energy at this moment to start explaining this again.
  8. i_like_scorps

    i_like_scorps Arachnosquire

    LD50 is all we have to go buy until people start volunteering to be the guinea pigs for venom studies!:clap:
  9. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    actually i believe that while AA is common around human dwellings, often even found inside them, lq does not really frequent around inhabitations, which is part of why it is responsible for less stings than AA, it stays in more remote areas just outside the perimeter of human inhabitations.

  10. Selenops

    Selenops Arachnoangel

    There was a hour special program dedicated to scorpions several years back, where the film crew went over there, don't now what country it was, but they followed what was one village's equivalent of a animal control specialist or exterminator. The Androctonus australis are literally crawling and retreating amongst the masonry work and can be found just about anywhere that offers entry throughout the village. They are home invaders over there and the film crew caught this on tape.
  11. i_like_scorps

    i_like_scorps Arachnosquire

    I couldn't imagine having such a deadly species so commonly wondering and crawling all over my home. Of course, if you grow up with it, that is what you know and learn to live with! But do we really learn the lessons? Every time the waitress says "the plate is hot", I always touch it to find out! {D :wall:
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