What if MM g. Pulchra and MF g. Pulchripes cross breeds?


Oct 6, 2016
The new revision has been accepted Jorge is just waiting to be published. As for a couple of the Brachypelma species they will be as follow:

Hobby Brachypelma annitha is Brachypelma smithi and hobby Brachypelma smithi is Brachypelma homorii.

When we get our import that's how this two species will be labelled as, Jorge is already posting and listing them as how the two species were meant to be.

So anyone that has Brachypelma annitha label your tarantula as B. smithi same with the smithi label them as hamorii.

So yes both are still a two different species.
Well that complicates things. I liked the name smithi.

cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
The offspring would be a mix of two species and therefore infertile. It could have a lot of deformities due to impure DNA.
While many hybrids are indeed infertile, not all, and its been proven time and again that ts more often than not, are indeed fertile.

Also there are many hybrids that don't suffer from deformations, and I doubt it would be the case with ts. These are just a few of the reasons why the creation of hybrids is bad for the hobby.

Identification of hybrids isn't always as easy as one might think, generally they are passed of or sold as whichever parent they resemble most. There are a few people here (@lalberts9310 ) that have irminia x cambridgei hybrids and they always seem to be sold as cams. Only the most scrupulous keepers often recognize the mistaken labeling....I imagine most owners are none the wiser.:sorry:


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Mar 21, 2005
You keep implying they are owed some kind of rights. They are spiders remember, and we all love them and this hobby enough to cull hybrids if needed. Your continuing to shoot a dead horse by saying people have raised slow growers to adulthood because you cannot control the outcomes of each hobbyists life. That being said 10-20 years from now someone could end up with a hybrid, someone could just lose interest in the hobby, they could be arrested and jailed, or worse case scenario a hobbyist could die, in these situations a collection goes where if no family has an interest in keeping Ts? Probably to the first person they can find to take them. These are just some possible ways hybrids can be spread unknowingly. In a perfect world we could all breed hybrid and keep our own dream crosses but i donot put that much faith or trust in mankind. People will do things that are dishonest in order to gain something.
I think you missed the point. I let my widows cannibalize until they are big enough to separate. My point is that there surely must be a better way to put it than some of the things I've seen here. Think about first impressions. Someone comes here for the first time and sees some of the things that have been said here and they think this must be some sort of tarantula Auschwitz or something.

For the record, you probably won't be culling any crossbreeds because my guess is you won't be crossbreeding. The same could be said of most folks here, me included. The ones who will crossbreed probably won't cull anything simply because they've done it on purpose and they probably won't let anyone sway their decision. That said, there doesn't seem to be any reason to sound so evil about it. Talking about culling is one thing but talking about unpure blood not being tolerated and they should be killed for the good of the hobby is something else. There is no reason to sound so militant about it when there is a much less harsh way to say it. It sounds for all the world like some people here enjoy killing them. That's my point. If someone has hybrids, there are people that will take them. There are thousands of members here. Some are irresponsible, most aren't. I'm almost positive that if something were to happen to someone that took in hybrids, arrangements could be made to send them to someone else here that has some common sense, but that's beside the point. My main point was how the posting was handled and how it might look to someone who has never been here before. Bash me if you want, I know it looked pretty bad to me to see people talking so cavalierly about killing T's.


Jan 12, 2016
I've seen some of the worst husbandry ever come out of that place
Very true! They also seem to understand less of the advice given, even though they speak reasonable english.
There was one recently that i tried to get through, but it felt like i was talking to Asian people, saying yes and 'will do', but still didn't change things. Very frustrating. And then of course we had the poster that
asked if slings eat water....o_O


Dec 25, 2014
Anyone heard of a homunculus?
Hidden in the Vatican (secret) library where no one can enter there's all the real books with Paracelso, Cornelio Agrippa, Cagliostro and so on alchemy masters teachings that attempted to seek and made the in vitro vita. The Church of Roma keep those.


May 6, 2016
Hidden in the Vatican (secret) library where no one can enter there's all the real books with Paracelso, Cornelio Agrippa, Cagliostro and so on alchemy masters teachings that attempted to seek and made the in vitro vita. The Church of Roma keep those.
Its my understanding that the pope is also in direct contact with extra-terrestrial life on other planets