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What Happened to the Scorpion Trade?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by signinsimple, May 18, 2012.

  1. signinsimple

    signinsimple Arachnobaron

    Is it just me or are there way less sellers of scorpions and species available in recent years? Everytime I check the classifieds, the pickings are all sorts of slim. What the hell happened? There's tons of spiders and T's. I think I see more variety in pedes than scorps and that used to not happen. Just tossin it out there.
  2. khil

    khil Arachnobaron

    Hmmm. I don't have an answer for you because I don't really know whats going on in the hobby, but maybe it's in part because scorpions are found nearly everywhere-even in north california. Still though, there are lots of other exotic species. It may just be from low demand>low supply.
  3. AzJohn

    AzJohn Arachnoking Old Timer

    The US hobby has too many collectors and not enough breeders. What happens is when a new species is imported people will buy a few, maybe have a brood or two, never raise the babies to get generation 2 or 3. New stuff does come into the hobby periodically, I can tell you now that their are more species in the hobby than their was a few years ago. Not a lot of people breed them however. I can think of several new things that were brought in during the last few years. It really does come down to getting the second generation.
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  4. Sometimes, as well, I have noticed that people say they are going to get and breed certain species, but this never gets done because of certain situations, such as moving or needing money for other, and yes, more important, things. Wishing to get and breed scorpions is often different from the reality, that that is not as easy...
  5. khil

    khil Arachnobaron

    Yeah I feel you guys. A lot of people have work, school, or have to move, etc. And at least from my knowledge, scorpions breed and grow really slow-they have really long gestation periods.
  6. Nomadinexile

    Nomadinexile Arachnoking

    My personal opinion is that it all comes down to economics. To get a good price for your scorps, you may have ti sit on them for a good while, even the 'desireable' species. In the end, you don't make much or anything. That's fine if it's purely a hobby for you, and you have that luxury. But I don't. My economic situation is not very good right now, same for many americans. My hobbies have to make a little money, at least. Now compare them to tarantulas, that sell for more to way more,. And where most species have more slings, and some have thousands. Plus, the easy nature of catching scorpions with a blacklight throws the economics of it for a loop.

    Just think about it, what scorpion can you get $5000-$10000+ every year from for slings? How many get $20000-$50000

    Now compare that to tarantulas. That's why. Now in europe they seem to have many more options. I believe europeans pay more in general, and this is why they have more species.

    I could be wrong. I don't know everything. But this is my opinion.
  7. SamuraiSid

    SamuraiSid Arachnodemon

    What are the brood sizes for the more common species in the trade? I dont see T breeding as being a source of income, so much as a passion to increase your knowledge base. A lot of the Canadian members that breed T's do it for the fun of it, not the profit. Maybe scorpion keepers are lazy? ;) j/k.

    I've noticed up here I can get my hands on just about any T I want, but scorpions are a far different story.
  8. Gnat

    Gnat Arachnoknight

    I am far more interested in Scorps than Tarantulas, the thing is I dont know anything about trying to breed them. I do have a pair or two that im trying to breed (read TRYING) but I really have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just a common hobbyist and its a bit hard to even try to find out how to sex some species, either its not readily available info, or its more difficult for my newb status. I really don't want to make money breeding scorps, I would just like to do it for the experience and to provide trade animals for other species I do not have. I do have a local species that I have offered for trade/sale but I wild collect these guys and I only take limited numbers so I don't deplete the local, sustainable population, even then I can only ID a female when it is obviously gravid. I would like a more experienced scorpion keeper to help me in keeping and breeding these creatures. The only ones I could possibly breed are communal species as they are easier to breed. I really dont have the money to spend on breeding pairs of 'exotic' species to play around with breeding conditions. I would offer any species I captive bred to the hobby so others could enjoy them too. I had a gravid B. jacksoni I picked up at an expo a few years ago I offered for sale/trade but that was just luck. I too, wish scorpions were more available to the hobby and that there were more people that tried to breed them.
  9. Ecstasy

    Ecstasy Arachnoknight

    Well it's people want things for little to nothing as well, so they only get one. Well like AzJohn said, you can't breed with one. If it's something that you don't commonly see you should get a duo at least, but a trio would be a better idea. Then ask the breeder to keep track of who he sells the other slings to so that way if you end up with all males or all females you can get in touch with the other person for a swap a male for female. I did this when I was breeding & selling but the market was slow at the time and I was in the middle of taking care of a lot of paperwork for my fiance and getting into my new house so I didn't have time to take care of everything and with no help because no local people nearby that wasn't afraid of scorpions I had to get out of the hobby. If people invested a little bit of money then we'd see more stuff that we commonly don't see in the hobby to trade/sell. I can always get some of the not so common stuff but I still lack help and I only have one day off a week now and that's usually to cut the grass or do whatever maintenance I have to do for my vehicles or whatever else I need to do. If I had a local friend that could help then I'd gladly get back in the hobby.
  10. I'm moving to New Zealand for four years.;) My situation has changed. Just an example.

    It is honestly a foolish thing to buy one male or female instead of a couple, multiple, etc. It seems people do that because they do not have enough confidence to try to breed them, or that they want something that they do not have to work too hard with, but this is inconsiderate to others. If we want more species in the hobby, we have to breed them. And, if we are in the hobby, we at least have to take care of the animals (i.e. proper captive conditions, try to breed). No one has to be in the hobby, but if they are, I feel it is their responsibility to try to breed. Otherwise, get a rabbit or something.
  11. Ecstasy

    Ecstasy Arachnoknight

    It is selfish, but it's not hard, well some species can be difficult. All they have to do is ask though, I'm still open for any questions even though I do not keep anything at the moment because I know about a wide variety of species. What are you going to do with your collection?
  12. I think more questions should be asked, but ones that can create a conversation and show that the one asking the question is willing to work to answer it.

    I am most likely going to have to sell it. They do not have any predatory animals in NZ, I believe they have one species of spider.;) Deer were introduced recently and I am not sure if they have rabbits or squirrels. They have mutant crickets, and these are mildly disgusting. They said that reptiles were not allowed into the country, but they never said anything specifically about scorpions, so my dad asked, and was told that there was no actual rule that concerned scorpions...so, we could apply for three years and see.:D I am guessing at the end of those three years, the answer will be no.
  13. Nomadinexile

    Nomadinexile Arachnoking

    Basic economic principle applies to scorpions as oit does everything else. Do a few people have thability to do this for fun? Sure. But most do not. I tried making a go at it. Maybe i'm stupid or made bad decisions, but I lost my shirt trying to be a breede and wild collector. It's a lot of work to have lots of broods popping at the same time. When you have 100+ adults, and hundreds of slings that need regular feeding and humidity control, its a part time job. And you have to pack them, buy supplies, raise roaches, sell online, communicate with customers and potential customers, etc. etc... If I had made minimum wage for my time, there would be a lot more species avaiillable and I wouldn't be homeless. If you really want to have a great selection available, breeders need to be paid for their time, which means higher prices. not everyone is going to breed. You need breeders, and they need to eat. Sales can be very slow, and none of this is reflected in price. I love scorpions as much as anyone, but I still live in a world ruled by money. I have to have it to live. If you don't, then you should supply the country with a diverse supply of underpriced scorpions! Im all for that.
  14. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I agree that a lot of it has to do with the economy, along with the important point John made. When something is sour in society, it will always be worse than the government and the media says it is. Like when a kid breaks both their legs and the mother keeps saying, "it's OK, it's OK, it's OK...", same thing basically. May be a better time to think of trades rather than selling stuff, like an invert swap meet.
  15. signinsimple

    signinsimple Arachnobaron

    Yeah, it really sucks. I definately agree that price pushes breeders towards tarantulas, but I'm not crazy about T's. There used to be way more scorps available that at present. It's hard to even find someone sellin P cavi's These days, and that just plain blows. And what makes even less sense...it's generally easier to find deadly scorpions that it is to find less toxic variety's (Emps aside of course, but all the emps that are available are way too small for the species..that's another matter). It just seems like the scorpion trade sucks lately. I'm puting together a new tank and the pickings are so slim, it's practically not worth it :(
  16. I blame it on the economy...not really, but one of the problems is that keeping the scorpions is generally a hobby, and one has to take care of himself before taking care of the scorpions, even if they might bring in some money, and this has not been happening as easily lately...you see a rare species but you can't have it, either because the import laws suck or, if it is in the U.S., you simply cannot afford it.
  17. Have no fear.

    Don't worry guys. I'm workin' on it!
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  18. signinsimple

    signinsimple Arachnobaron

    haha! Ok Shufle3. Put your scorps where your mouth..err..fingers typing are :)
  19. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    Nothing wrong here in Europe:D

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  20. Booooooooo!
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