What Dolomedes species are these? - Informed opinions desired


Old Timer
Dec 8, 2005
I find Dolomedes spiders in central NC in the woods. At first I thought I was finding all Dolomedes tenenbrosus. However, after finding a Dolomedes albineus, I took a closer look. Are the females 1-3 color variations of tenenbrosus or are these different species? Take a look and let me know what you think. Other species could include vittatus and scriptus.

Ventral shots can be taken if needed.


Female #1 - 4" legspan

Female #2 - 3" legspan (found with 6 legs), I have 2 like this

Female #3 - 3" legspan



Old Timer
Dec 6, 2006
Dolomedes vittatus to my understanding nearly always has black triangles both behind the eyes, and centrally on the cephalothorax, which none of these seem to have. As for scriptus, I cant really find the "defining" feature of these actually stated anywhere, so Im not sure how to even go about ID'ing them.

Female #1 I would think for is tenebrosus, not only due to coloration, and the distinct 3 "W" but also on size. Again, not sure, but I dont know if vittatus or scriptus get that large.

Female #2 Im not sure about as much. Its definetly a different coloration then Ive seen in tenebrosus, and the top "W" is more like what Ive seen in pics of vittatus, but the cephalothorax isnt.....................

Female #3 I'd guess tenebrosus again. More of the similiar colorations, three more distinct "W".

Those are my guesses at them, but please let me know if you find a good key to these or come across someone with some actual knowledge. I still need to check out that Spiders of Eastern US, but gotta wait on interlibrary loan.