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He Who Rules
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Jul 16, 2002
Hey All,

Sorry about the issues and downtime. I think the major issues have been rectified as much as they're going to be, so I'm opening the forums back up.

  • Server started crashing
  • Emergency Migration didn't go flawlessly
  • Boards should be back to as normal as they get
[Slightly more detailed version]

Sometime, I believe on Friday, the data center where Arachnoboards is hosted began having routing issues. The CTO of AB's hosting firm made the decision to do emergency migrations of the sites that were affected by these routing issues. We were not notified of this emergency migration. Some people were still connecting to the old server while some were connecting to the new server. When the people who were connecting to the old server switched over to the new server, posts that were made were no longer there because it's not the same server/database and those posts were made after the copy was taken. (These threads, posts, conversations, etc. will not be coming back). While the hosting company was trying to figure out the issues with the images, it looks like they rolled back the forums to a couple of days earlier (also causing some threads, posts, conversations, etc. to disappear. These will also not be coming back).

Today, working with a new technician at the hosting firm, the issue with the 10's of thousands of missing images was fixed. If you posted any images in the past couple of days, they may no longer be there if they were a victim of the rollback. Please feel free to repost them.

Sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced as a result of the forums being down and thank you for your patience.

Scott, Debby & the Arachnoboards Team