Weird little spider - please help me identify

Smudge Rat

May 20, 2017
Hey guys

I met a new spider this morning, didn't think to take a picture coz I was trying to get it off my bike.

It was white and had a small head, long legs and quite a bulbous abdomen. Probably about the size of a £2 coin when lying flat.

It was lying flat on the bike, legs spread out, but when I came near it, it stood up straight on its little spindly legs. When I left it alone it quickly went back to being flat again. I decided it was too weird to pick up and fetched a glass. When I poked it, it fell off the bike and shot out some web so that it was anchored to the wall nearby, then it came swinging back to the bike. Got it into the glass eventually and easily tipped it into a hedge.

I thiught it was cool but I've never seen something like that before. Probably wouldn't have bitten me but I'm overcautious if it's unfamiliar. Anyone know what kind of spider I met?


Jan 1, 2016
I'm thinking it was probably Thomisidae a crab spider