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WC Kukulcania hibernalis laid egg sac

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by CommanderBacon, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. CommanderBacon

    CommanderBacon Arachnoknight Active Member

    Uh sooo...

    I bought a few wc Kukulcania at a show for ten bucks (TEN BUCKS!) a few weeks back aaand.. well, one was a rather BIG lady, which I was excited about (sold to me as Kukulcania hibernalis), but today I saw that she has produced an egg sac.

    exhibit A:

    This is cool! But uhhhh... Not sure how to proceed. Anyone have experience with kukulcania sacs? I’m rather jazzed and would like to see it through to babyville, but would very much appreciate some guidance.

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  2. MintyWood826

    MintyWood826 Arachnobaron

    That's awesome, congrats!

    I think @Ungoliant has a lot of experience with Kuks :)
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  3. CommanderBacon

    CommanderBacon Arachnoknight Active Member

    @MintyWood826 Thank you! I noticed that @Ungoliant had some a while back, but I was uncertain if they would stop by. I hope they do :)

    Full disclosure: I had a small juvenile Kukulcania arizonica I purchased in January and followed husbandry guidelines I had seen here on the forums, but she died a month back due to what I strongly suspect was impaction. I could not figure out any other cause of death, and she was so small I did not notice any issues until she died and I was able to see evidence of feces around her butt. Her abdomen was hard and paler than I think is normal.

    I was really busted up about it, but I want to try again, so when I found this girl and a Kukulcania arizonica available for $10 each at a table, both wild caught by the vendor, I went ahead and got them. I'm attaching their setups (each 4"x4"x5" amac) in case anyone would like to give me some feedback on my husbandry.

    I had been offering food 1x per week and misting once every 2 weeks.

    The K arizonica is in the container with the cholla, and has set up web under the back where it leans against the wall. I was expecting it to web up inside, but hey, my spider ESP is weak.

    The K hibernalis immediately webbed up the middle of the cork tube, which I expected, but I have been sick and was not expecting a sac. She was out and hugging it the other day when I was reorganizing my spider shelves.

    Any guidance is much appreciated!

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  4. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    Congratulations! The good news is that Kuks are very good mothers, and there is little you need to do. While she is on the sac, she probably won't have much of an appetite, but you can drip water onto her webbing to give her a drink.

    The slings will emerge about 4-6 weeks after the sac is created. I've never counted them, but I would estimate that there are at least 50 per sac, possibly 100. For the first several weeks after emerging, slings live with their siblings in their mother's web. Feeding them is easy. Instead of trying to find tiny prey they can take down themselves (during the first instars, slings lack the anatomy needed to make cribellate silk anyway), let mom kill the prey. She will often share the prey with her slings, especially if you provide one prey item for mom and one for the slings. It's not uncommon to find scores of slings glomming onto a large prey item once their mother has dispatched it.

    After a few weeks, the mother will become less tolerant of her slings, like she's trying to avoid them. Then it's time to separate the slings, which should be kept singly for the rest of their lives. The easiest way to do this is to rehouse mom into a fresh enclosure. Then you don't have to worry about wrecking the old enclosure to extract the slings.
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  5. CommanderBacon

    CommanderBacon Arachnoknight Active Member

    That’s so wonderful! Thank you! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!

    Since she’s a bigger girl, I was considering moving her to a larger enclosure anyway, and one just recently became available since sadly, my wolf spider died :( He was an old, old man, though (2.5 years!). I can move her into it after she’s done with her babies.

    Do you recommend that I tape some pantyhose over the vent holes to keep the babies from getting out, or do you think it’s okay as is?

    Thanks again!
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  6. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    IME, if the holes are small, they probably won't try to get out, but it doesn't hurt to cover them.
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  7. CommanderBacon

    CommanderBacon Arachnoknight Active Member

    Guarding her sac today <3

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