Watching my Zebra tarantula's first molting


Mar 15, 2011
Okay so I'm new to this site right? And I'm amazed at what's on here and am so glad I joined to share my experience..

My Zebra baby had her first molting today, and man am I glad it's over. She's been on her back for the last 10 hours now and I was really starting to get super worried. But as I kept checking on her for new progress, around the ninth hour, I started seeing signs of life and she slowly started wiggling herself out of her outer skeleton.

OMG when I say she is gorgeous now, I mean the color has changed and she's a bit larger.. I can't wait to take new pics of her and show off her flawless beauty.

This is such a great experience for me, and I know now that I have a very stubborn and sassy spider on my hand. But I'm good, because it is all worth it in the end..
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